pacific horizons – stealin’ the fire from heaven (pacific wizard foundation, 2011)




If you like your music half ‘organic’; that is with some live arrangements, you will fancy a bit of Pacific Wizard Foundation. This ensemble from Los Angeles has produced 3 vinyls already. All of them so limited to 200 copies, which is the norm this days unless you want to go broke quick. It also creates good buzz, particularly if the product is good. In their case it is. Expect a mix of balearics sounds (piano, gentle guitar, soft percussion,…), a bit of psychedelia and some driving beats and an unexpected great break leading to unknown territories. Still keeps up good for the dancefloor with some great synth chords and some techno flicks. ┬áBringing some fresh air from the Pacific rim I leave you to enjoy the bliss of ‘Stealin’ the Fire From Heaven’, a big cosmic voyage flirting with the dancefloor but also stroking some beards.