lazersonic & zak frost – aquaplane (self released, 2011)


Earlier in the year, at the discofutura towers we got this album called ‘Adventures in Stereo’. I completely ignored it for a while. Main reason was the artists’ name! How trivial and shallow I can be. I do not know how, but this promo ended up on a pen drive and plugged on my car ‘sound system’. It was there and then when I realised what I was missing. This album is self released and I did not know that it was a ‘biggie’ with the likes of Booka Shade, Tiga, and the likes. It was given some press by Mixmag and Resident Advisor. Although I do not buy into the two latter PR entities very much, I have to give some credit to this ‘Adventures in Stereo’. It is actually pretty good, danceable, melodic, clean. Some drops of electro and minimal techno here and there but with a solid production overall. Not boring with add-ons every 16 bars. Enlightening electronic body music that should wake up everyone down at Get Physical and remind them that you cannot be doing the same too long. Good synthesiser music with gorgeous melodies will be my humble verdict. Get a taste of it with the gem that is ‘Aquaplane’. No vinyl release on this so embrace the digital realm.




chromeo – when the night falls – hercules & love affair mix (turbo, 2011)

After the magnificent house tune that is the take of The XX’s ‘Shelter’ by Hercules and Love Affair, which not only caused my ears to melt in pleasure, but also illuminated on the remix power that these guys have. They do proper vocal house tunes and they do real damage on the dancefloor. Although ‘Shelter’ is a thousand times better than this offering here, it lacks length. I will never get why superb tracks are sometimes are so short in duration. In any case, here is another Love Affair gem which does work ace. It has seen the light just three days ago on Canadian label Turbo. Commanded by Tiga. With some avoidable releases on some occasions, this time they press the right keys and make this vinyl a top buy.

If you like this, go and get the vinyl!

fpu – crockett’s theme (turbo, 2002)

Since i brought the label up, here’s a Turbo track that lay forgotten in the depths of my scull and collection until very recently. Many moons ago a friend was raving to me about a cover of Jan Hammer’s finest hour, and I was duly skeptical about whether it could possibly better the original. The short answer is that it doesn’t, and is a cover which keeps very strictly to the sound and feeling of the original. However, that said, it is still an emotional and evocative piece of music, which acutely reminds one of the sights and smells of the time, namely white ties and poppers. Soon enough I will post the gorgeous Jan Hammer version, but until then, saver the electroklash drum clicks and bass synths, and the genius artwork.

gesaffelstein – glass (turbo, 2010)

Here’s a corker from last year from french producer Gesaffelstein (bless you!) on Tiga’s label Turbo. For the past decade Turbo has been a home to some of the highpoints of the electroklash, electro and techno movements, albeit with some missteps along the way. When you listen to this bristling moody take on modern teutonic techno, you’ll be amazed that he’s not in fact German. The track is driving and moody and ends up coming across like a hyper charged version of a Carpenter soundtrack.