try to find me vol.2 (golf channel, 2009)

(Originally posted August 2010)

Golf Channel continue their track record of being incapable of releasing anything shit, and indeed excelled themselves by putting out a full length mix/compilation/badass cd as well as a killer 12″ to follow the Try To Find Me vol.1 12″ that came out in 2008. Despite the fact that this release was CD only, and a mix cd at that (usually two things that make it hard for me to care enough to listen) I have listened to this mix non stop for ages. I didn’t see it get a lot of attention when it was released this time last year, but with the release of the Get to my Baby 12″ at the start of summer, I thought it was high time to give it a full review.

I described the mix as sounding like the best clubnight you’ve never been to. Every track in the set is an edit of a forgotten record by ex !!! funky bassman/crazy engineer Justin Van Vandervolgen (one half of tbd), and he throws some far out effects through his desk for added madness. The tracks themselves move between disco, soul, italo, and deep big 90’s house with a slinky ease, always keeping things moving with a solid kick to drive the tracks forward.

The single from the selection, ‘Get to my Baby’, is a soulful disco number with incredible space in the mix to let the vocals do the work, which hits a killer guitar solo in the middle, before turning into a full on mechanic raver at the end. Essentially this is the trick that JVV has pulled off throughout the mix, stacking heavyweight tracks next to each other, but never giving in to rave excess, while keeping the set packed full of soul and feeling from the original tracks. As the name of the project suggests, the obscurity of the original tracks is part of the fun, and Justin plays with this with the track titles throughout. However, I’ve endeavoured to ID as many as possible, through extensively trawling through my record collection, and every message board i could think of. Even so I’ve still not found all of them….
1. Yo Cowboy

2. Get To My Baby – Johnnie Taylor ‘(Ooh Wee) She’s Killing Me’

3. Means It Much – Gregg Diamond ‘This Side of Midnight’

4. You Know That One Song That’s All “Boom Tss Boom Tss” With The Keyboard – Kamasutra ‘Night Walk (Dob Jam Dub)

5. Uh Yeah, Of Course…That One

6. Crazed – Maxine Dee ‘Men Hungry’

7. All Of It, Now Please, Thanks – Peggy Blu ‘ I Want It All Now’

8. Change Ups – Lost Boys ‘Time for a Change’

9. Better Middlands – Bette Midler ‘Big Noise From Winnetka (12″ mix)’

10. Where To Begin – Andy Williams ‘Love Story (Where Do I Begin)’

11. Hey Love – Victor Bach ‘Living in Harmony’

12. It’ll Happen – Margaret Reynolds ‘Keep on Holding On’

I strongly recommend everyone with ears to pick a copy of this up as soon as possible. It’s kickass, and with Justin having promised another 12″ release for 2011 on the Beats In Space radio show, it seems like a good time for the uninitiated to acquaint themselves with the project.


unknown artist – get to my baby – tbd edit (golf channel, 2010)

generous… that is how i feel today. and willing to share the pleasure with others. so today you get this like so totally ace and awesome edit by tbd. on golf channel, already a classic. it is a superb edit of i guess an extraordinary song. the vocals exhale love all over the place, and tbd has brought us such love ¬†soulful to modern dancefloors adding up a hint of acid and an incredibly skillful treatment of echoes and reverbs. goosebumps guaranteed!

here you go.