William DeVaughn – Be Thankful For What You Got (Onur Engin Edit) (Square Records, 2010)

Here’s a top quality E.P. from last year that’s earned itself a return to my record box over the past few weeks. Onur Engin is Istanbul’s (or is it Constantinople?) finest purveyor of soulful edits and has been going from strength to strength of late. His choice of source material is always impeccable and his subtle style gives some wonderful tracks the extra power they need to sit comfortably alongside today’s peak time numbers. This E.P. on Square is the perfect example of his selection and style, taking on 4 glorious soul cuts, Diana Ross’ ‘Brown Baby’, Gene Harris’ cover of Stevie Wonder’s ‘As’, João Donato’s slice of latin funk ‘O Morro Não Tem Vez’ and DeVaughn’s timeless ‘Be Thankful…’ and enhancing the groove and warmth of each of the productions modernising but without losing the authenticity and appeal of the originals. The pick of the bunch is the ‘Be Thankful’ edit, sped up enough to fit into a set, but without losing its tone, looped and extended with some lovely touches like the chimes over the intro and with those glorious vocals soaring over the top. The original was already a classic and it’d be foolish to call this an improvement, but it is fair to say that this is the version you’d use to bring a dancefloor to tears, rather than for home listening.


mark seven – higher (editnot) (creative use, 2007)

This all time classic edit from selector in chief Mark Seven caused an almighty stir in the old bally earache world upon its original release, selling out all over the place in a matter of minutes, and during a postal strike no less. The 12″ in question ‘Divine Edits’ contained three tracks all in keeping with the subject matter at hand. ‘Sermon’ was a low tempo house chugger after the fashion of One Dove’s ‘White Love’, but with a gospel sermon played over the top of it. Essentially it sounds mighty similar to ‘Come Together’ by Primal Scream.

‘Heaven’ begins with the sound of the rolling surf, develops into bongos and spanish guitar and has the kind of world percussion that sounds like loads of frogs, the best kind of course. It’s a full on beach bar number.

The ace in the hole was of course ‘Heaven’, an extension and rearrangement of Gospel stalwarts The Clark Sisters singing a little number called ‘Hi Ya’. The bassline and piano parts sounds like a slow version of ‘I Wish’ by Stevie Wonder, and the girls’ vocals bring out full on hands in the air, take me to church eupohoria. It’s a smash hit.

Earlier this year it was included on the Creative Use ‘The Collection’ compilation CD, alongside some brilliant edits from Soul Mekaniks (Bounty Girls and Even Stevens are magnificent, Instantaneous Acid is a secret weapon) and  Mark E’s scorching ten minute wonder ‘Sun Shadow’. I strongly recommend this CD to anyone with ears, you will not come across as diverse a selection as this that still maintains such a high quality. You can still get copies here.

As a limited treat, here is one of 2007’s standout moments, enjoy and then buy the compilation!

stevie wonder & paul mccartney – what’s that you’re doing (unknown re-edit) (undiscovered, 2010)

This track is part of a magnificent, complete and ephemeral ep that surfaced in 2009 on vinyl only and quickly became a chased rarity. The four tracks are just bliss. My favourite being the timeless Karen Young’s 1982 electronic funk classic ‘Deetour’ which I will post for your enjoyment in the coming weeks.

For now, I let you be the judge on this re-edit by I do not know who. Although I have mixed feelings about it, it is good enough to be posted here and share it with all of you. Stevie Wonder’s synths are as funky as they get and McCartney’s vocals… intense. This goes down pretty well at any point in any set. It is a great party tune and you’ll see why. It is up for grabs for a limited time folks, so go and press that little downward facing arrow in the souncloud window. Ripped from vinyl in hifi as it is the norm at the discofutura towers!

Keep yourselves tuned for some real rarities from Paul himself in the coming days!

a discofutura digitape vol. 01

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there we go with some old some new but all timeless music for your own enjoyment.


1. bomb the bass – bug powder dust – k&d session dub mix

2. nina simone – four women – dj obah edit

3. holger czukay – my persian love – remix

4. slumbor jack – disco dragon

5. stupid human – still alive

6. stevie wonder – love light in flight – the revenge edit

7. michael jackson – do you remember – cole medina edit

8. unknown artist – untitled

9. discodeine – singular

10. teaspoon and the waves – oh ye soweto

11. blancmange – game above my head – kid who edit

12. nona hendryx – to the bone – rayko edit

13. escape from new york – fire in my heart

14. paul simon – diamonds – todd terje edit

15. b-52’s – deep sleep – skinny joey edit