Todd Terje – Inspector Norse (Olsen, 2012)

We’ve long championed the moustachioed musical wizard around these parts and the man continues his winning streak with this latest release. Coming to prominence a little with the ever reliable party starter Eurodans, Todd then unleashed a myriad of high class disco edits to the world, mostly bootlegged or circulated on low bitrate mp3 but nonetheless essential listening. Sadly with a hiatus from original productions and only the odd (exceptional) remix appearing there were those keyboard warriors who turned on Todd’s playful nature and pop edits and he was branded a ‘wedding dj’. Well in April this year he smashed the haters out the park with the glorious dancefloor bomb ‘Ragysh’ on Running Back and its equally good, melodic and ambient b-side ‘Snooze 4 Love’.

Well, the man has excelled himself and topped these efforts with his new release. Musically you could say it falls somewhere between his previous two tracks, dancable but more subtle than ‘Ragysh’ and containing some lush synth melodies along the lines of ‘Snooze 4 Love’. The track is propelled by a bouncy italo bassline and some synthetic lazer sounds, before the stunning heaven sent melodies start to come to the fore. The beauty of this one washes over you whilst still retaining a tight groove until a rumbling and darker bass sound and some swirling arpeggiator  takes the track to its immersive crescendo. This could already be crowned as the track of 2012.

It first appeared in the middle of a recorded dj mix on soundcloud and had internet heads turning immediately, gradually further information has surfaced and today a presell link has been added to the Piccadilly Records website (check it out for a hilarious press release!). The track will be released on Terje’s own label Olsen (co-run with the ever excellent Smalltown Supersound) on the ‘It’s The Arps’ E.P., so named as all the sounds found on it have been produced by the ARP2600. This is an essential release and is in shops on January 9th, do not sleep on it.


diskjokke – 1987 (smalltown supersound, 2010)


It is from 2010 and not much press was given to it. I have been listening to this repeatedly. It does not bore. From the same lands as Todd Terje which is cooling it down with his edit business, emerged Diskjokke. His remix work is floor oriented and with a trance feeling added to it. Yet house is the genre which should archived under. En Fin Tid is Diskjokke showcasing his skills as a solid producer. All tracks in his album ‘En Fin Tid’ are superbly produced all sharing a layer of gloss that blends perfectly in any set which aims at filling the dancefloor. This ‘1987’ track will remind you of Todd’s latest bomb ‘Ragysh’. A bit technoid, melodic, with breaks here and there. And yes, the adequate dose of reverb. Highly recommended as it is the also Norwegian label Smalltown Supersound in which crazy pair Mungolian Jetset has released couple of albums.


torsk vs todd

Massive record alert!!! As featured on Gilles Peterson’s radio 1 show on tuesday, a mysterious track called Torsk vs Todd. After some enquiries on DJ History, Todd has been kind enough to reveal that it is his remix of Bjørn Torske’s ‘Langt Fra Afrika’ which will be released on Smalltown Supersound with a DJ Harvey remix on the flip. Both men have been stars of recent posts here, so anticipation for the release is high. Todd’s remix extends the afro drum track way beyond its original 2 minutes, adding some weird synth noises which sound a bit like the ring collecting noise from Sonic, some great live trumpet and some chanted vocals. This track will not suit everyone, and could definitely split a dancefloor, but does have the potential to create a great moment if treated with care. Apparently Harvey’s side is not yet complete but I’d be intrigued if he turns out something as surprising and refreshing as this leftfield bomb. Here’s the track at low quality, taped off the radio like it was the mid nineties again.