amadou & mariam – je pense a toi – henrik schwarz mix (philomena 2010)


amadou & mariam, a pretty decent act of so called ‘world music’, and embraced / championed by another, more well-known ensemble such as manu chao, produced an excellent song back in 2005: ‘je pense a toi’ (i think (or thought) of you). Warm and touching violins, and catchy guitar chords plus heart wrecking lyrics form a solid track that rides on top of irresistible afrobeats.

solid enough for remixer supremo, and lover of strings, henrik schwarz to give it the necessary strokes to bring it closer to the dancefloor. this is, up to date, what it can be considered his masterpiece. solid drum beat and techno synths edging on acid touches were added to the original warmth from amadou & mariam, helping rise this tune to heights only reachable by some. scharwz kept intact the vocals completely, making this track difficult to pigeonhole. it works ace in any kind of dj set, even at home. it is up there in the pantheon with his other essential mix he did for wei chi on compost. this latter one a real monster of epic proportions (and length).

the schwarz treatment of ‘je pense a toi’ does not exist anywhere but on the elusive and highly limited vinyls released by german label philomena (and I think that affiliated somehow to innervisions). this philomena label is superb. every release is carefully crafted including its beautiful artwork.

what usually happens in this cases of ultra limited vinyl releases is that if they are good the sell out fast and, end up in discogs fetching serious money .

here you have the digital version of it for a very very limited period of time. enjoy it and drop some bucks on the record label. the next installment dedicated to Junior Boys. Prins Thomas (back in shape this time!) and  Marcel Dettman (pretty good minimal techno number) gives you both sides of another sublime philomena vinyl.


romanthony – the wanderer – dixon edit (philomena, 2009)

it is highly sought after and it has beautiful artwork. the dixon edit of classic romanthony’s ‘the wanderer’ with its prince-esque vocals is pure soulful house music. Dixon revises the track in a slightly darker mood, and gives you plenty of drum breaks for you to enjoy. The bassline on this vinyl requires a proper soundsystem, and the crescendo period would turn anybody loose. my only hesitation being the overly extended outro decomposing the rhythm. a bit redundant. other than that, this is timeless.

some will argue that this is nothing new since this track is just the juxtaposition of martin buttrich’s ‘hunted’,’ a real minimal techno gem by the way, and the original beatless version of  ‘the wanderer’. however, get downloading now or listen to it and you will see the impressive result.

extremely difficult to get. it is only on black wax and at extortionate prices. here you got it at hifi quality. check out volume 2 of this top german label.