Club House – Do It Again / Billie Jean (Island, 1983)

Here’s an italo classic that predated the mash up scene by a good 20 years. Two covers of two 80’s classics merged together for full on cheese and sleaze appeal, the synths have that authentic period feel to drive this underground track along… wait, who are we kidding, this guilty pleasure is real deal pop made especially for Mediterranean discos and the smell of aftersun. Enjoy stupidly…


michael jackson – thriller (ooft music phazed edit) (l.e.s.s., 2007)

I was playing records out in a bar tonight and decided to unleash this old favourite upon the unsuspecting crowd. Needless to say the reaction was raucous, especially considering the paltry numbers there, and everyone got on board with the zombie dance. One discerning gent wanted to know which version I was playing, so I decided to share it with him and the world on here.

Thriller is part of our collective mind. It’s brilliant. Amazing then, that Ooft managed to take one of the all time top pop records and make it even better than before. There’s a long build up, echo left right and centre, the spooky spoken word, but none of the poppy verse. Instead, we’re treated to a drawn out dance workout before the chorus comes in at the end. They even use the transformation section and zombie dance from the video as the breakdown in the middle. Nuff respect. Originally on L.E.S.S. records’ ‘Forever in their Death’ compilation, this one also surfaced on the later L.E.S.S. retrospective ‘The Last Chapter’. There’s a white label bootleg of this floating about out there too, but day by day the quality L.E.S.S. edits become more and more rare, so enjoy responsibly and play on repeat this halloween.

the jacksons – show you the way to go (social disco club edit) (american standard, 2010)

there are some michael jackson edits out there but just a few that can be counted with one hand that are a true improvement or a worth listening to interpretation. to date, just todd terje (check the ‘can’t help it’ fix with the irresistible 2 minutes long bossa nova drum breaks on tangoterje)  has done something magical to the undisputable king of pop.

at the very end of last year, a fresh cole medina’s american standard 12″ surfaced on the shops (that is our usual purveyors of good wax in the UK… piccadilly, phonica, juno). Cole Medina is our man in L.A. who produced two timeless edits back in 2008. One was Olivia Newton-John’s ‘Magic’ and Bee Gee’s ‘Love You Inside Out’. I still recall my moments of ecstasy when I purchased the well expensive thing. How difficult is to come across not only a vinyl that is just perfect on both sides, but one that you can play on and on, and will almost always work. American Standard is one of the few US record labels dedicated to re-edit work that deserves some following, and still releases gems like ‘Glove Money’, its last 12″, worth every penny.

Three cuts inside and I am giving you my favourite for now. This edit starts with a heart touching dialogue snippet grabbed from some interview with Michael himself. The edit itself is nothing otherworldly or groundbreaking, but it just does it. An intro a bit too long some will say until the strings take over, and then the wonderful voice which is held in a constant reverb echoing the timelessness, and musical heritage that both the Jackson’s and Michael himself left for us to enjoy and love.

Get this edit just here, listen to it, share it, and love it. Show some love also to the record label itself. This freebie is up for a limited time or until it reaches 100 downloads.

the jacksons – show you the way to go (social disco club edit)