richard earnshaw – cry me a river (leftside wobble mix)


In August this year UK based DJ/Producer Richard Earnshaw released his debut album ‘In Time’ on Groovefinder. I missed out on it at the time, but heard one of the tracks on SmoothFM in a taxi this weekend and was blown away by its subtle take on modern soul. Further exploration led me to the album and to my delight i found a subtle fusion of Jazz moods and House textures along with elements of Boogie and Soul. The album has been likened to a present day embodiment of the spirit of Nuyorican Soul and is imbued with traces of riffs from the soul and disco world that gave birth to House music. One of the more laid back cuts on the release is his interpretation of the old standard Cry Me A River, the song which prompted me to discover  the rest of the release. Set to a head nodding 2 step beat, and featuring the vocal talents of Imogen Ryall, the space in the production is arresting, and the deep synth swells and jazzy keyboard work add a feel of Detroit to proceedings. There are a few upbeat remixes of this number floating about out there, including Richard’s own classic vocal mix, but the pick of the bunch is this mellow house rework by the ever reliable Leftside Wobble, slated for official release in late April.


the kojak chupa chups and the kojak giant sounds label

hailing from the icy lands of finland, come a real warmer for the approaching autumm season. that is the classy and superb edits of kojak giant sound singles. they label have grown silently and surely. the first vinyls were given to phonica in london, but now they have hit the extremely efficient warehouses of juno.

there are 5 highly sought after affairs to be grabbed. none is crap. all fillers. leftside wobble, growing in the shadows of soundcloud and a proven master editor, bring us the classics ‘don’t cost you nothing’ by ashford & sipmpson with the right amount of dubs and extensions. dropping the cheese only when necessary. the b side is a fine business too.

Neil Slim’s big macho voice that is given to us in ‘you can dance’ is properly manipulated to maximum effect by another maestro. in skillful manner mike burns tease us with the vocals and drum breaks converting this vinyl in a perfect tool of mass deception for those who do not dig the real deal that disco house has become. a brutal monster that will not leave any hip standing still.

another essential on this label is the Alphabet City edits release. this one is perhaps the most solid one. both sides are belters. and for lack of better words here i am coping and pasting what someone at phonica said about this glorious wax:

‘pair of absolutely killer edits from the  Giant Sounds Crew, who are news to us, but sure to be a new we’re more than familiar with on the strength of these cuts. ‘i’d like too’ is a heavy and massively dubbed out boogie cut, that eventually breaks out into some full on sweaty dancefloor moves after a long teasing intro. On the flip “Poyson” is again heavy on the dubbage, working a slow grinding disco number into a lights down low mega-pumper, before the hands in the air vocal breaks loose. serious deep down disco gear, don’t sleep’

so there you go. down in spain kojak is a popular brand of lollipops that pretty much destroyed your set of teeth. up in finland it is a very promising new label that is helping keep the reedit business back in the game.