dog eat dog ‘dog eat dog’ (claremont 56, 2011)

Paul Murphy’s record label Claremont 56 keeps up the expectations with its latest release. It brought Holger Czukay to the hands of both  cultivated listeners, and newcomers, who are able to adapt and understand different approaches to dance/electronic music by releasing material that has never seen the light before or re-issuing albums that would be totally unknown to new generations.

Always in limited numbers (either vinyl or CDs), and with carefully crafted artwork, Claremont 56’s selection of releases is always a lecture in music history. On this occasion, they bring to the forefront Dog Eat Dog. The sound they produced will easily remind you of other early 1980s New York post-punk bands such as Liquid Liquid or ESG.

Their music is ‘low-fi’, raw and low-budget. It is as if you were in a live and fast paced set, with the musicians improvising and trying out new combinations, with amateurs more focused in enjoying music making rather than being preoccupied with achieving a polished result. The pace of the album is frenetic at times with drums and bass driving the different compositions.

If you are getting tired of all the digital refinement we live in, step back in time, grab a copy of this limited LP (500 copies only), and enjoy some time travel to an ebullient and highly creative period in American music-making.

Here you have the press release for this gem:

Out of the cultural milieu that thrived and survived in downtown Manhattan circa 1980 came a musical group whose aesthetic was fun, funky, bold and smart. Female fronted, of its time but out of time, technically adept, purposely naive, conscious but not self-conscious. Dog Eat Dog embodied the best of what came out of that particular time and place along with fellow travelers; DNA, ESG, Liquid Liquid and Sonic Youth – they embraced a sound that was uniquely their own without apologies or regrets but most importantly without pretension or calculation. Writing songs and performing for only three years the band never released a record but still they produced some of the most vital & representational studio and live recordings from this period. That’s why after almost 30 years Dog Eat Dog’s music not only stands the test of time but also instructs the next generation of performers in a brighter, deeper approach to making music.

Information on Dog Eat Dog is scarce on the internet, however there is a superb and recent interview with three members of the band in the great blog that is


a discofutura digitape vol. 01

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there we go with some old some new but all timeless music for your own enjoyment.


1. bomb the bass – bug powder dust – k&d session dub mix

2. nina simone – four women – dj obah edit

3. holger czukay – my persian love – remix

4. slumbor jack – disco dragon

5. stupid human – still alive

6. stevie wonder – love light in flight – the revenge edit

7. michael jackson – do you remember – cole medina edit

8. unknown artist – untitled

9. discodeine – singular

10. teaspoon and the waves – oh ye soweto

11. blancmange – game above my head – kid who edit

12. nona hendryx – to the bone – rayko edit

13. escape from new york – fire in my heart

14. paul simon – diamonds – todd terje edit

15. b-52’s – deep sleep – skinny joey edit