digitape 02 – february 2011

it starts with guitars, esoteric melodies and cinematic landscapes which give way to a hypnotic 4/4 straight house hands in the air affair. rhythm takes the centre stage but always showered by melody. there are arps too!! that huge instrument that produces titillating and sensual sounds courtesy of my (re)discovery of a master track: motorbass ‘ezio’. best 1996 track for me emerging from gallic lands.  so playful and groovy.

from there we head towards teutonic subterranean basslines that will lead us towards a dark and humid beach where we will be greeted by extraordinary synth chords on full stereophonic bloom. and when you think that this is becoming as gloomy as manchester is, the dj drops a real badass that hints towards master and commander Joakim, but no. it is not him. it is matias aguayo and his spooky spanish lyrics giving us a lecture on sonic poetry. pollyester takes the relay and head us towards a sweaty and provocative dancefloor of a social club. things get uptempo here but not for long… we reach a plateau and from there we get tired, we go slow, notalgic, and very very soulful while dancing extremely close to each other. the people from gluefactory will get a bit annoyed at my usage of one of their most venerated and treasured weapons… that you will savor at the end of this aural journey.

but holy crank! let’s stop this nonsensical and rather cheap exercise in poetic musical description, and let’s get to terms with the tracklist for you to enjoy…

1. ghost note ii – albularyo

2. junior boys – work – prins thomas mix

3. stupid human – gun ga ding

4. the dead rose music company – am i still the one (rob mello mix)

5. motorbass – ezio

6. kassem mosse – workshop 12

7. beach house – 10 mile stereo – night plane edit

8. discodeine – singular (extended)

9. pollyester – german love letter – permanent vacation mix

10. morten sorenson – start something – 40 thieves edit

11. claudja barry – dub dynamite – social disco club edit

12. the dead rose music company – bad desire

13. warren g – regulate – the revenge edit

it sounds better when you play it loud!


va. stupid human vol. 3


The last instalment of carefully crafted edits by Stupid Human are doing the rounds among the literati, musos and influential bloggers. They are, as usual, two total weapons for discerning dancefloors. Disco oriented acts, especially ‘get on up’, will keep you warm and moving. it will be relatively easy to guess who is getting the stupid human treatment on ‘get on up’. The opposite happens with the other side of the record. If anyone knows, drop me a line please!

On the flipside, Mark will give us what it can be (already) a serious contender for the 2011 biggies. With a middle/eastern european touch, ‘gun ga ding’ will suprise you with its enigmatic vocals and dark, mysterious string arrangements. Pure film soundtrack aural pleasure, but with an amazing drum beat and infectious bassline. This one will definetely stand the passage of the time as it happened with already classics and highly sought after ‘swamp funk’ and ‘together’ on stupid human vol. 1.

Mark’s last adventures in the world of editing other people’s music comes to and end with the release of this uber essential piece of highly limited piece of black wax that will hit a few lucky record shops at the end of MARCH. After this there will be no more edits. Perhaps the end of the editmania we have been enjoying the last three years!

Only 300 will be pressed.

Check his own website ………..  www.stupid-human.co.uk ……….  to not miss it.