paxton fettel – out missing e.p. (greta cottage workshop, 2011)

Paxton Fettel – Out Missing E.P.

(Out November 4th, 2011)


Plenty has happened for our boy Paxton Fettel since the first E.P. Word is he has got cool with the kids (I’ll have to take gossip as fact on that one, I don’t get out much) and his live sets are killing it. (This is a definite; I’ve heard ‘em) We are working on an LP with him, but you can’t rush these things – like a good Chilli it’s taking time & plenty of work. Till then, you will have to be satisfied with this taste of the goods.

Permafunk : A jazz piano over a tight kick, with some analogue fuzz and a filter or two? Yup, you know how they go. One for the floor, this jam. Not a whiff of jaded old raver here, innocent, and with a huge grin all over its fat mush.

Fitchpork : A little known fact – The Danes use Fitchporks all the time to eat biscuits. You can hear the crumbs in the hiss & pop of the samples. Not sure what keeps him so happy, but I want a sliver. Use instead of softener in your mix. (I have been corrected; the correct term is butter cookie)

Out Missing: A little darker when you turn the key – then classic Greta horn stabs giving a nod to a certain Mr Wasserfall. Slo-Mo Vox open out into daylight and we amble off into classic Paxton territory. Euphoric. (Not like a Euphoric Dance compilation either) Try playing guess the BPM and really surprise yourself.

Magma : Drop down a few gears and have a little drift to this. Not in a hurry to go any place, and all the better for it. Scratch that itch for laid back & super deep house. It’s like staggering home from the pub to an Art Film Soundtrack.


paxton fettel – skyflares ep (greta cottage workshop 2011)

slowly but surely and with no rush, greta cottage workshop approaches its 20th release. placing emphasis on quality/originality rather than making some bucks, they introduce us a new name, danish paxton fettel. this young fella offers us an excursion into what it could be a melange of the aphex twin, some delicate  melodies and a driving 4/4 that helps us remind that spring is around the corner and flowers will burst into vivid colors. all this thoughts come to mind when listening to delicate ‘skyflares’ and ‘mute euphoria’. both seems to have some matthew herbert influence on them, which is not bad at all.

’emlay’ is the weak one. a dubstep number that after listening to the other two tracks, does not shine. it does the opposite. it brings your mood back to the darkness of winter. but that is just me.

read on to see how greta cottage workshop describes this pretty good ep to be released middle march.

since this has not yet been released i can’t post any sample or download, but here you have a direct link to their digital ‘portfolio‘, where you can listen to all their releases and put your money where your mouth is.

Paxton Fettel

Growing up in Denmark means that nature has always played a big part in his life, and he gains inspiration from the outdoor environment and the soundscapes found there. He blends this with a deep seated love of computers and technology; getting a real buzz from routing a recording from the ‘real world’ into a Micro Korg, around his amps and back out into the world crafted into melody.

For him, music should make your legs shake, your stomach turn & your heartbeat rise, but also put a wry smile on your face.

Skyflares : Paxton begins his distinctive mark on the GCW imprint with Skyflares, a whimsical workout in true Greta style. A submerged 4/4 rides to a playful charm, whispering melodies and bluesy sincerity quietly calculates bona fide sensibility – just in time for the first blooms of spring.

Mute Euphoria : As the snow breaks and the ice melts across the land, uttered longings of warmth can be heard in Fettel’s sentiment, Mute Euphoria. Knee deep in prospering positivity, this ode to high jinks takes the form of a slick and well-approved house joint. (Makes you feel like you’ve just had a good piss about with a friendly pensioner)

Emlay : It’s never all fun and games though, what comes up must come down . . and down we go to the ruthless depths of 2 step disjointed laverlyness …. Still, a bright-eyed bushy-tailed reminder creeps up and keeps Emlay out of the total darkness with unpredictable wayward leanings. And why not?

greta cottage workshop

in the overflown with mediocrity world of electronic music, it has become extremely arduous to become something. with technology both facilitating and destroying creativity constructing a respectable name deserves at least to be praised.

a devon (u.k.) based record label, greta cottage workshop, has defied everything. just with hard work and persistence it has carved a name that has to listened to. although not a big player, it has already released several releases with loads of substance. with the whole catalogue being released on digital rather than good ol’ vinyl, word of mouth becomes more crucial than ever. i am doing my bit here.

i can guarantee you that every release has something special to offer. on their rota you can find mudkid, wasserfall, michael j. collins, rich jones and out of plato’s cave among others. for those not familiar with these producers, the best entry point would be the melancholic yet mesmerizing and evocative ‘surrounded by the sun’. this ep includes the dancefloor friendly remix by scottish wunderkid sei a, and the epic and dreamy brun mix clocking a 12 minutes trip. the original is a proper ‘balearic’ affair with soulful vocals included.

modern times require modern media. the entire catalogue is on digital but just a few months ago they released the first piece of black wax including a shorter and slightly different version of brun’s take on ‘surrounded by the sun’, and a dancefloor stormer swayzak mix on the other side.

definitely a label to watch which is taking form slowly but surely, and looking extremely promising by being low key and releasing quality sounds consistently.

get the vinyl here (while it last!):

swayzak/out of plato’s cave 12″

the entire digital catalogue can be listened and purchased via discogs:

digital catalogue