legowelt – 2002 (ghostly international, 2002)

Writing about Marcos Cabral, I quoted Legowelt’s views on what techno must be. And in thinking about him, I recalled this monster hidden in the last part of the Disco Nouveau series on one of the most forward thinking labels emerging from Ann Arbor, Michigan: Ghostly International. The sound is very Moroder, lo-fi, italo, and analogue enough to gain the support of the purists. Perhaps. It has a rampant yet constrained beat adorned with catchy melodies reminiscent of a Blade Runner scenario. Pure bliss I would say. If you like this, try his 2011 album, TEAC. Check his website, where you can grab it in exchange of some monetary donation, in that way as he states:  ‘I can buy more crap synthesizers to make stuff like this and repair my Roland Juno 106 which stopped working  during the recording of this album…probably cause this shit is tooo deep and it just couldn’t handle it….doesnt matter, the bottom line question is CAN U HANDLE IT???’ Blah blah blah…

From my own waxy round black thing and retaining as much analoguism as i thought convenient. Play out loud for better results.