va. dj t presents united under the ball – 30 years of disco (get physical, 2011)


Get Physical is not only minimal techno and glitchy house. It encompasses more than such simplistic reduction. Dj T, its headhoncho, is a cultivated man with loads of years in the music market and tons of records listened to and with many influences that has forged an eclectic mind and that every now and then showcases for the enjoyment of the rest of us. Among so much music and online disorder when it comes to releases, it is more than welcome to have a compilation with a shared theme. That is disco. Disco itself is one of the broadest genres and with many splinters. Dj T tries to give you a bit of everything in this, I think, very good effort in putting together a nice selection of tracks that somehow owe respect to the sometimes derised, abused and misunderstood word disco.

Here you have the press release: 

In the digital age, the compilation has lost much of it’s former glory. Not too long ago it was an indespensable format for the music-lover. Was it brilliantly compiled and telling a special story, the compilation was a significant gain as a particularly successful artist album.

In recent times, the compilation has been cheapened with generic ’Ibiza’ and ’Miami’ labelling as the genre compilation all but dissapeared from the scene.

This brought DJ T. to an idea, to create an homage to this nearly extinct format. As vol. 1 of the project is supposed to be a highly visible counterpoint to the ubiquitous, mostly House and Techno-stocked season sets and theme compilations, his choice fell on Disco; one of the oldest species in club music. Disco is currently experiencing a sort of rennaissance, with many young, and until recently, completely unknown artists and labels carrying the heritage on by working with new and contemporary definitions.

Naturally limited by the selection of works available digitally, DJ T. chose a very personal array of 43 tracks to give the connoisseur an overview of the newest branches in the Disco-tree and to cover as many diverse genres the last three decades have seen.

As the ’cherry on top’, the compilation contains a handfull of exclusive and unreleased tracks, including two new edits of the old DJ T. classics ’Philly’ & ’Funk On You’. Catz ’N Dogz appear with a remix of ’Dis’, the big hit of his second album. DJ T. also put his hands on one of his favourite classics ’Around The House’, one of the early works of the Hamburg-Disco-King Tensnake. In addition there are two unreleased tracks from the two mexican artists Robbie Akabal & Muan and Damian Uzabiaga.



va. full body workout vol. 8 (get physical, 2011)

If there is a record label that has remained true to its origins and its founders’ vision, it has to be Get Physical Music. Owned by the Dj T, Booka Shade and the M.A.N.D.Y. combo, they have been releasing visionary music since 2002 in a timely manner. New acts join the ranks of the German label every year. They all have a common denominator: modern club music that fits the dancefloor; atmospheric and emotive yet bouncy, funky and deep minimal house that hits the right notes among worldwide club-goers. Nonetheless, the tight grip on the style does not adulterate creativity. Check the output from the aforementioned mavericks (remember Dj T’s ‘Freemind’ or Booka Shade’s album ‘Memento’) or the selected releases by Damian Lazarus (Crosstown Rebel headhoncho), Samim, Lopazz, Chelonis R. Jones, Elektrochemie, and many others.

Get Physical is ready to heat up autumn, once again, with the 8th issue of the highly regarded ‘Full Body Workout’ series; showcasing the current state of the scene, and where it is heading to. Featuring 10 hot tracks to pump you up for winter raving. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to Get Physical. Like the sound of it? Get it here

Around the discofutura headquarters we love the hypnotic Pele & Shownecy’s ‘Down Low’, and the fragility of Stacey DeLooze’s vocals in ‘The Price of Beans’ by  Hamid & Arnaud Le Texier. Both are real gems in their own ways.

lazersonic & zak frost – aquaplane (self released, 2011)


Earlier in the year, at the discofutura towers we got this album called ‘Adventures in Stereo’. I completely ignored it for a while. Main reason was the artists’ name! How trivial and shallow I can be. I do not know how, but this promo ended up on a pen drive and plugged on my car ‘sound system’. It was there and then when I realised what I was missing. This album is self released and I did not know that it was a ‘biggie’ with the likes of Booka Shade, Tiga, and the likes. It was given some press by Mixmag and Resident Advisor. Although I do not buy into the two latter PR entities very much, I have to give some credit to this ‘Adventures in Stereo’. It is actually pretty good, danceable, melodic, clean. Some drops of electro and minimal techno here and there but with a solid production overall. Not boring with add-ons every 16 bars. Enlightening electronic body music that should wake up everyone down at Get Physical and remind them that you cannot be doing the same too long. Good synthesiser music with gorgeous melodies will be my humble verdict. Get a taste of it with the gem that is ‘Aquaplane’. No vinyl release on this so embrace the digital realm.



dj t – rave d’amour (get physical, 2005)

last but not least is this raw electro number for today. happiness shared tastes better. so there you go.

get physical (great name for a record label) is dj t’s musical outlet. and dj t is also one of the founding fathers of Groove magazine, German bimonthly publication centered on deutsch techno mainly where Ewan Pearson happens to write a quite lucid column every now and then.

anyway, this track was well hidden on the ‘a guy called jack’ 12″ that includes a super samim & michal mix of the original. a very polished minimal house thing. and a not so great Joakim mix.

a superb surprise that I only discovered when digitizing such vinyl. and here is for you to be shared.

enough for today. obligations are ringing on the phone.