va. stupid human vol. 3 (stupid human, 2011)

We gave you some advance news on this release which will be reaching the shops in no time. As we said, two monster edits from the guy who delivered the already classic ‘Together’ (in vol. 1). This is a limited affair and we know for good that Stupid Human vinyls do fly off the shelves and never get repressed. This time is only 400 copies so keep your eyes open and get a copy or you will end up regretting. Some copies will be reaching Juno shortly as it seems.

‘Gun Ga Din’ is for us the masterpiece here and we can tease your brains by telling you that this is a superb edit of somebody called R.P.

Press release to warm you up:

This is the new Stupid Human release ! SH003 finally upon us after doing the rounds in cyber dj warfare, featuring some very otherworldly grooves on the A side in the form of Gun Ga Din a hypnotic half spoken / sung  in urdu track with bundles of opiate qualities evoking feelings of sweltering  humidities and  persian nights in exotic locations. Whilst over on the B we have a serious post disco pre new wave low slung disco groover with lovely dubbed out effects and killer drop recently exposed on Chris Duckenfield’s The Idiots Are Winning podcast.

Strong support from: Ray Mang, The Project Club, Jacques Renault, Max Essa, Chris Duckenfield, Mike Burns, Leri Ahel, Jim Stanton, Discofutura, and many others!

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to offer you the whole number but here you have some tasters of what’s coming.

‘Gun Ga Din’

‘Get On Up’


va. stupid human vol. 3


The last instalment of carefully crafted edits by Stupid Human are doing the rounds among the literati, musos and influential bloggers. They are, as usual, two total weapons for discerning dancefloors. Disco oriented acts, especially ‘get on up’, will keep you warm and moving. it will be relatively easy to guess who is getting the stupid human treatment on ‘get on up’. The opposite happens with the other side of the record. If anyone knows, drop me a line please!

On the flipside, Mark will give us what it can be (already) a serious contender for the 2011 biggies. With a middle/eastern european touch, ‘gun ga ding’ will suprise you with its enigmatic vocals and dark, mysterious string arrangements. Pure film soundtrack aural pleasure, but with an amazing drum beat and infectious bassline. This one will definetely stand the passage of the time as it happened with already classics and highly sought after ‘swamp funk’ and ‘together’ on stupid human vol. 1.

Mark’s last adventures in the world of editing other people’s music comes to and end with the release of this uber essential piece of highly limited piece of black wax that will hit a few lucky record shops at the end of MARCH. After this there will be no more edits. Perhaps the end of the editmania we have been enjoying the last three years!

Only 300 will be pressed.

Check his own website ……….. ……….  to not miss it.