connan mockasin – forever dolphin love – erol alkan mix (phantasy sound, 2011)


Offering of the day for you, dear listener. This one is a coveted weapon i hold with affection. Not very well known. This cross between indie and electronic music producers is very productive (sometimes). Check Ewan Pearson productions and remix work, or in this case, listen to this beauty. A fragile, blue but solid and ultimately beautiful excursion by Erol Alkan which brings to mind New Order no doubt. Erol can be, according to me, a total disaster or a magic wizard. In this case the latter. He is diverse and eclectic in his mixes. In his remixes he can be strident and loud, sometimes too much. Here his approach is totally balanced. The vocals are used discreetly and the bassline and synth chords guide the track to a contained climax where the catchy melody, again synth based, is released. This is a nice way to end up a session. The softened guitars at the end do not take over, they rather embellish the theme. They are there to remind you of the Erol’s capacity to not bore. If you want something even more provocative and obscure, try to dig out any Beyond the Wizards Sleeve vinyls where his more psychedelic side together with Richard Norris are shown.