dj le roi feat. roland clark – i get deep (remixes) (get physical, 2012)


Well folks… when a hit is a hit, remixes will follow. Get Physical has put together a bunch of above average remixes that decorate the fantastic lyrics of Roland Clark. It was canned proper this last year. We were all, I believe, dropping the Late Night Tuff Guy weapon. Well, tuff this man is and accruing to our ears, is the last man standing with a reason. Nobody in this remix package has been able to surpass the immense beauty of his remix. That phat baseline and contagious rhythm is not improved here fellas. Only Dj T does something nice to it although being accustomed to LTNG’s take, the adaptation proves difficult.

Overall a decent package with no surprises.

That is anyway our take, let the boys with a better gift for words seduce you:

Get Physical and DJ Le Roi bring you the freshest cuts of ‘I Get Deep’, a well known and thoroughly played House classic. Twisted, turned and interpreted by top acts like DJ T., Joris Voorn, Embassy Of Love and Late Nite Tuff Guy to bring out the very essence of what it means to get deep.

DJ Le Roi prepares the stage with his 2011 edit, a bouncy mix of tropic bongo and full bass licks. The vocal narration we all know flows over the beats and weaves a picture of the late night club vibe.

Taking things further, DJ T. infuses his blend of cow bell percussion and low bass and picks it up with a classic House hi-hat & snare groove. Chords flutter in and a smile runs across your face. He doesn’t stop there though, T. mixes it up again with new sounds to take the energy higher and the crowd further.

Embassy Of Love cool things down to a warm glow, a dubby pad meets with an thick beat. A melody emerges from the embers and like a fire the track is hot. Bubbling with rhythm and flow this mix slows it down once more and takes a turn to the deeper side.

Raw basslines and sharp percussion, this must be Late Nite Tuff Guy. Bringing the infectious bassline and hot, steady percussion and you’re feet keep moving, legs pumping through the dark damp heat.

Finally Netherlands number one Dutch House squire Joris Voorn brings us a groovy Disco-infused mix. Building energy from nothing and folding it onto itself to create a fuzzy warm feeling inside, like the onset of the well known friends of late night club history. Joris Voorn does not disappoint here and brings a bow to what might well become one of the best releases of the winter season.

Already doing the rounds on BEATPORT. Do check Get Physical for proper updates in the best in good dance music