black strobe – i feel love 79

I Feel Love needs no introduction. Moroder smacked it out the park, then Patrick Cowley created a definitive version with added synths and poppers. Black Strobe have tipped their cap his way and recorded their own electro sleaze version, perfect for drug fuelled romps around european clubs. Whilst this mix doesn’t come close to the brilliance of the original, variety is the spice of life…




dj t – rave d’amour (get physical, 2005)

last but not least is this raw electro number for today. happiness shared tastes better. so there you go.

get physical (great name for a record label) is dj t’s musical outlet. and dj t is also one of the founding fathers of Groove magazine, German bimonthly publication centered on deutsch techno mainly where Ewan Pearson happens to write a quite lucid column every now and then.

anyway, this track was well hidden on the ‘a guy called jack’ 12″ that includes a super samim & michal mix of the original. a very polished minimal house thing. and a not so great Joakim mix.

a superb surprise that I only discovered when digitizing such vinyl. and here is for you to be shared.

enough for today. obligations are ringing on the phone.

erik & fiedel – donna (mmm, 1997)

back in the day, before minimal went commercial and make the klick ‘n’ cuts a pastime of many newbies with not a drop of musical knowledge, either popular or classical, there were people doing the same thing a hundred times better and getting no kudos for it, except by the connoisseurs who frequented the record shop often enough to get some copies of highly limited 12″s that were normally in the hands of a few dj’s who got well rich while playing them.

nowadays, there are not many electronic music records that manage to keep so underground as almost two decades ago. the internet revolutionized everything and it has had a brutal effect on how music is distributed, sold and promoted. physicality has given way to virtuality. and as trade off, everyone can make music, either good or bad. At the same time because everybody can sell their own music, we are bombarded by mediocrity constantly and discerning the masterful from the amateur takes loads of time and effort. Now, you do not get rich as a DJ because everybody can be one thanks to the copious amounts of software out there). Not everything is bad though. Actually, I like this ethos of sharing and getting to know music that would have easily gone unnoticed. This re-edit mania of the last five years, chopping, extending, deleting, and throwing effects that enhance rather than destroy the original itself.

Everything is fragmented and deterritorialized. there is no Berlin or London sound. and if you want to be updated, you need to check numerous sources, each one being a niche for some genre, label or kind of artists. There are no magazines anymore, not a centralized place where you can go and get your weekly fix. Instead you need to be hooked to the screen day after day. It is a real pain but there you go.

So that’s my view on the changes of the last two decades concerning dance music.

And what all this has to do with this couple erik & fiedel you would say… Not much except that it just came to my mind how venerated and desired was this vinyl when it came out and how guarded and protective were the dj’s that had it. not wanting to share it with the plebeians. And how that game is well over.

So here you have this classic electro/techno weapon of dancefloor destruction. Surprisingly, now everyone is selling their copy so grab one well cheap on discogs. a true hands in the air affair with constant bubbles of acidic explosions and harsh drums to drive your levels of euphoria to unknown heights at that house party or warehouse rave at 5 a.m.

just a warning note if you happen to be the dj. the last minute and a half of this monster is just not usable unless you want to empty your dancefloor!

get it, enjoy it, share it, love it. just here at 320kbps as it is the norm at the discofutura towers.

erik & fiedel – donna

dominatrix – dominatrix sleeps tonight (streetwise, 1984)

I was recently reminded of the enduring quality of this unclassic from the mid 80s. Dominatrix was the brainchild of Stuart Argabright, one of the founder members of New York No Wave act Ike Yard (whose self-titled 1982 album on Factory America is well worth a listen if you like your minimal wave), and featured the vocal talents of Claudia Summers and Kenneth Lockie. ‘Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight’ never garnered mainstream chart success but was a popular club hit with the new wave crowd as well as the emerging bboy/electro scene in the mid 80s. The track was returned to the ears of the underground in the early 2000s when Gigolo records licensed it for a repress with remixes from Blackstrobe and Terranova (which are unfortunately very much of their time), off the back of the resurgence of Italo. The track itself combines an electro beat with some Italo keyboard work and a vocal that manages to be deadpan and sleazy at the same time. Enough talk, here is the track at 32o for educational purposes.

Dominatrix – Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight /// Discogs