Dimitri From Paris – Dirty Larry (Dim’s A La Old School Flava) (Yellow Productions, 1996)

Here’s some classic bizniz from the many monikered Dimitri. Arriving on the scene as France awoke from its musical slumber in the mid nineties and casting the net wide in the search for influences, the cosmopolitan Dimitri championed a jet setting sound. Although a House DJ at heart, Dimitri took his early inspiration from the sounds of 50s Jazz, Exotica and Film Scores, creating in ‘Sacrebleu!’ (Mixmag’s Album of the Year in 96) a set of sumptuous downtempo muzak, lush and layered yet at the same time playful and full of character. However, if one were to peer through the Gauloises fug, inside that suave exterior was a house head sipping the same disco punch that the Idjuts and Harvey were serving up. This 12″ on Yellow Productions (a consistent label for cultured house co run by the consistently questionable Bob Sinclair) is an absolute gift for anyone with even a passing interest in having a good time.

The track first appeared on the Sacrebleu! LP in somewhat sophisticated fashion. Intended as a ‘tribute to the late Larry Levan and the great Lalo Shiffrin(sic)’, Dimitri serves up a house track incorporating the otherworldly melodies of Lalo Schifrin complete with not only harpsichord, jazz drums and bass, cinematic horns but also a bumping house kick and some far out dancefloor psychedelia a la Levan. If the more restrained LP version fell into the Lalo Schifrin camp, geared for lounge bars and home listening, perfect for an evening inside a Stella Artois advert, then the ‘Old School Flava’ mix was Larry’s revenge. Uptempo, proto house drums, dub disco bassline, lazers and the same far out synths as the LP version. If you’re a fan of the excellent Night Dubbin’ compilation on BBE then this one’s for you.

If you like what you hear then I strongly recommend finding a copy of this vinyl as the Crue-L Grand Orchestra and Idjut Boys mixes are also superb.


dimitri from stoke-on-trent “the nice one innit ep” (hands of time gold, 2011)

This is the hottest wax in the nudisco world at the moment. It’s sold out twice already in its first week at Piccadilly and sits loftily as the most popular record at Juno. Following on from the disappointing ‘Sakura Blue’ edits (HOTGOLDIII) the wandering Dimitri delivers a solid four track for your party. First up is the exceptional edit of Prince’s ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’ which has been causing a stir in the beardo world ever since it first surfaced on Dim’s soundcloud. Merging a live version and the studio recording with the addition of some hot synth action Dimitri has absolutely nailed this one. I’ve spent the last three months playing the 160kbps soundcloud download and it’s heavenly to be able to feel the full force of the track on vinyl. To follow, Dim serves up a chopped up version of the Velvelettes’ swinging party number ‘Really Saying Something’ and an extension of Aretha Franklin’s ‘I Say A Little Prayer’ in keeping with his recent Philly work. Finally Dem Oi Garl is Dim’s psychadelic take on Them’s ‘Gloria’ which rounds of the EP in style. There’s nothing deep or intellectual here, just four slices of party cake, with the prince track at the forefront. Dimitri’s next release is under the alias Erodiscotique and is called ‘New York I Love You’, a house jam in the early 90’s style utilising the vocals from Hamilton Bohannon’s ‘Take the Country to N.Y.C.’



Prince – I Wanna Be Your Lover (Dimtri From Paris Edit) 160kbps

Bohannon – Take the Country to N.Y.C