s.a.s. – give it to you (foot & mouth, 2010)

In December last year this monster snuck out, just in time to be overlooked in the best-of-top-ten-end-of-year-chart-madness. The men behind the S.A.S. edits are Subb_an and Adam Shelton, two men on a mission to take dancefloors deep with some proper house music. On solo tips, Subb_an has just released ‘The Lover’s Night‘ on Spectral Sound, a classic sounding deep house track that manages to sound timeless (in a deep house context) whilst also sounding completely on trend for 2011. Adam Shelton meanwhile has dropped the ‘Air Trax‘ 12″ on Air London, which contains two cuts of early nineties bumping house, each complete with a trippy vocal.

‘Give it to you’ is a stealth weapon, building up it’s shuffling beat and vocal snippets before unleashing a dark and menacing bassline. When you’v finally managed to recover your senses after the hypnotic bassline, it drops out leaving you with some melancholic keyboard stabs, before taking things down and dirty again. This track is proper, and would make the perfect accompaniment to their latest single, which you can grab here.


graceful exit – revolve disco (dfa, 2011)

A couple of years ago Walter Jones came onto my radar with his ‘I’ll keep on Loving You’ release on DFA. I was blown away by the deep beauty of the title track, as well as the dancefloor power of the b-side ‘Living Without Your Love’, a track that was a staple of my sets back then. Further digging revealed some top quality deep house releases and the insane I-F edit of ‘Deuteronomy Brown’, not content with having the coolest track title around, but also a crazy electro disco track of the highest merit. Walter has now teamed up with some like minded souls and formed this new ensemble, utilising the group’s talents to take his musical vision to the next level.

“Walter Merlin Jones is a perfectionist. A presence in the house scene since the late ’80s, the DJ and producer has, over the years, created thousands of undoubtedly wonderful, but unfinished, songs – a staggering collection of musical bits that have fallen victim to his tendency to be his own worst critic. Yet, that same perfectionism has yielded some of the most engaging dance music of the last decade, however scant – songs that are aural proof of his preference for quality over quantity. Jones’s first DFA release, 2009′s “I’ll Keep On Loving You/Living Without Your Love,” confirmed his commitment to this idea with subtle grace and slow, seductive rhythms. Now, with Graceful Exit – which pairs Jones’s talents with singer Ellipsis, Boston producer Chas Bronz and saxophonist Jesse Allen — the New Orleans-raised artist continues to showcase his discerning ear, proffering music with a modern, evolved take on disco’s very best virtues.

vinyl + digital available at the dfawebstore

That’s what DFA have to say about the release and you can listen to all three tracks here.

Especially for you, for a limited time only, is a download of Walter’s unclassic ‘Living Without Your Love’.


6th borough project – one night in the borough (delusions of grandeur, 2011)

6th Borough Project’s debut LP, and the first full length to be released on Delusions of Grandeur is weeks away. The duo, comprising of house stalwart Craig Smith, and recent man of the moment Graeme Clark (a.k.a. The Revenge and half of OOFT) deliver an album which grows out of the blueprint of slow motion disco and mid tempo house they laid down with releases on Jiscomusic and Instruments of Rapture. Taking their inspiration from the raw and soulful end of the disco spectrum the two are adept at extracting the choicest grooves and then extending them into chugging house numbers. This form continues on ‘One Night In The Borough’ where their trademark sound bridges the gap between modern disco and deep house. Over the 14 tracks the duo offer variety without ever compromising the quality of the output. For the straight up house fans there’s the deep build of ‘Changin”, the warehouse jack of ‘Iznae’ or the boogie influenced ‘Back To Me’, whilst disco fans can rejoice in ‘The Fool’ with its glorious vocal breakdown (with full on crowd noise for that live vibe) and the vocal led ‘Find A Way’. There’s also plenty of the slow motion sound that the L.E.S.S. Productions stable made their own with ‘If The Feeling’s Right’ and ‘Deep C’ rocking the lowest and deepest of head nodding grooves.

When an album like this comes around, it’s often the case that it never lives up to the hype. Thankfully here, the hype is fully justified, with the 6th Borough boys delivering an LP which consistently stands up to the promise of their previous singles, whilst working well as an album. To proceed the forthcoming full release, Delusions of Grandeur are releasing three 12″ EPs containing the album tracks, the first of which was released this monday. You can find links to buy all these goodies here alongside some of the essential Instruments of Rapture releases. As a bonus, here are some classic tracks from the 6th Borough and Revenge back catalogue.

6th Borough Project – 7 Grams of Funk

6th Borough Project – Do It To The Max

The Revenge – Night Flight

Marvin Gaye – Funky Space Reincarnation (Revenge edit)


classic music company



derrick carter and luke solomon have had a great idea. To re-release all the Classic Music Company catalogue. it is good because it was a record label that defined the sound of house music with a strong Chicago influence in the late 1990s and 2000s. Gemini’s ‘Swimmin’ wit’ Sharks’, Isolee’s ‘Beau Mot Plage’, Dj Sneak ‘You Can’t Hide From Your Bud’ or any Rob Mello No Ears dub excursion, were all repeatedly spinned worldwide by many dj’s and became content of many house compilations and dj mixes. Proper ‘boompty boomp’.

That was last decade. There is a whole new generation that is alien to the Classic sound and now in the all-digital era, it was well missed. Apparently all vinyl releases have been remastered and there will be some new new additions to the catalogue that for first time will be available as digital download.

Expect a revival in deep house!

Here you have a bit of taster, courtesy of youtube, since I do not have time to digitize this all-time favorite of mine. Gemini has always been on the edge. House music with a bit of a twist and craziness. Be that in the vocals, melody or in the synths and effects. The result is total genius and uncompromising driving 4/4. And this is perhaps (together with ‘we are the future’ in the same e.p.) his best legacy.

a good informative mini article on Spencer Kincy a.k.a. Gemini can be read on this excelent French blog.

The last I have read about this guy is that he lives rough in the streets and suffers some mental illness. Very very sad. Hope to be wrong and somebody correct me please.

MCDE 07 – Motor City Drum Ensemble

New year, more MCDEs upon us. This time a double vinyl pack. Wtih three different acts inside. MCDE themselves, Hundred 20 and Creative Swing Alliance. All very nice music indeed. But as with every double 12″s pack, they tend to be loads of fillers and not many killers.

Unfortunately, there are not many of the latter here. Hundred 20 go all Chicago a la acid with evocative atmospheres but turning very repetitive. No surprises in either ‘Summer 89’ or ‘Upper Alley’.

Creative Swing Alliance, speeds up the tempo and adds some soulful snippets of female vocals on it in ‘Now’. But ultimately it sounds like a weak MCDE number.

The whole package can be reduced to two tracks, and should have been just one vinyl. The contender not to miss is ‘There’s a Truth’ with captivating vocals from Stee Downes. This is a typical MCDE affair with those dark yet sensual and melancholic chords and the always driving beat. All showered by loads of soul. Proper house music here. On ‘Monorail’, MCDE leave aside the vocals and concentrate on synth. Again, with the old good working formula and their characteristic sound. Although good, not essential. John Roberts remixes this one but does not improve it.

At the end these double whammy gets reduced to the one and only ‘There’s a Truth’. This one will me on many discerning charts and will please many dancers.

Get it while it last. They tend to sell out quickly. However, all things said, if you do not care about the fillers on this double 12″ and just want the gems, get this release instead. It is on digital and was released last year.