erot – two songs for annie (discfunction, 1999)

Tore Andreas Kroknes, otherwise known as Erot, was a rising star in the house music world at the turn of the millennium. Boyfriend and producer of Norwegian pop starlet Annie, friend and colleague of Bjorn Torske and in house designer at the influential Telle label (home to Kings of Convenience, Bjorn Torske, Royksopp, Annie) things were certainly on the up for Erot. However, the musical world was denied a true star when he died tragically early in 2001 at the age of 23. He paved the way for the Scandinavian disco scene that has gone from strength to strength over the past decade, hailed as an inspiration by Lindstrom, Prins Thomas, Todd Terje and Bjorn Torske. Obviously given the dubby style of his music, he proved a hit with Idjut Boys, who released this track on their own Discfunction label. It is a testament to his love for music that rather than accepting a fee for this release, he instead asked Idjut Boys to pay him in 40 disco 12″s.

The legacy left by Erot is limited to a handful of singles and remixes, all of which sound fresh and current now, and were revolutionary at the time. The pick of these releases was this 12″ on Discfunction. On side a, Erot builds a heart stopping house track out of samples from the Crusaders’ ‘Sweet n Sour’, building drums and rhythms up, letting a rough dubby bassline drive the track forward, then dropping the beautiful keyboards from the original. Stunning. On side b, he delivers another rhythm driven house track made out of a sample of Curtis Mayfield’s  “Give Me Your Love (Love Song)” (from the Superfly OST), played at the wrong speed. A sublime slice of dub house that sounds streets ahead of the releases we see weekly in the times of edit mania. Here are both sides of this unclassic, along with the tracks Erot used to create them.

Erot – Song For Annie

Erot – Another Song For Annie

Crusaders – Sweet N Sour

Curtis Mayfield – Give Me Your Love (Love Song)


solomun – love recycled (2diy4, 2011)

Mladen Solomun is the head honcho of Diynamic and has tech house credentials to rival the biggest names in the genre. A couple of weeks ago he entered the fray of the edit arena. The first 12″ to be released on the new edit wing of Diynamic, 2DIY4, ‘Love Recycled’ is very much a tale of two sides. In the red corner is the peak time summer stormer, whilst the blue corner brings the deep and dark drama. It’s hands in the air vs heads in the k hole.

On the peak time house tip is an edit of Michael McDonald’s blue eyed smoothie ‘I Keep Forgettin’, widely known as the basis for Warren G and Nate Dogg (RIP)’s Regulate. Solomun pushes the tempo from easy groove to dancefloor stomp, plays with filters and adds percussion to keep things bouncy. Whilst I’m keen on the way he’s dealt with the sample, the effect on the vocal does not please these ears, so this could be a marmite track.

Turn the record over and things get much darker. Kicking things off is a very MCDE metallic house number, utilising the soulful Curtis Mayfield vocals first found on Bran Van 3000’s Astounded, and the result is as brilliant as the concept unlikely. Rounding things off is a very dark and moody slice of house music with the most evil bass sound this side of Benga. I’m gonna plump for Robert James’ ‘Sleep Moods’ for the original, since the vocals used (originally a Janet Jackson sample (No Sleep)) are exactly the same.

Whilst on first inspections Side A seems to be the real crowd pleaser it is a little throwaway in comparison to the realness and soul of the two darker cuts. All round though, this is a solid release.

Buy it at Juno or Piccadilly

curtis mayfield – love me (hunee edit)

Hunee’s edit of this moving slice of Mayfield appeared on his soundcloud months ago, but was not given the download go ahead with the expectation of a proper vinyl release. Unfortunately as is the way things are increasingly going in the music industry, after a bit a faffing about it all fell through, and the gent was kind enough to make the wav available to download from his Hunch blog on friday. This is a precision made edit, removing none of the sincerity or power from the original and indeed keeping the feel of the musicianship alive, but adding subtle touches which give the track a dancefloor bump.

For those not in the know regarding Hunee, he is a dope producer and DJ, originally from Korea, but a longtime resident of Berlin. He originally took to the decks spinning hip hop but inevitably followed the producers’ sample trail into the world of disco and soul and then house and techno.  He’s released some great tracks on labels like Permanent Vacation and Retreat over the last couple of years and I expect great things are to come from the man.

Curtis Mayfield – Love Me (Hunee Edit) (download)

Hunee – Standin’ High (Permanent Vacation)