Parkway Rhythm – Working Girl (Parkway Records, 2011)

Mark Seven is one of my top names on the bearded disco scene and this new project is up to his usual brilliance. He first came to my attention with his standout batch of edits on Creative Use and then made major waves on the discofutura stereo with his exceptional contribution to Claremont 56’s Originals series. Last year’s ‘Pillow Talk’ on Endless Flight has been a frequent flyer in my dj sets and this single under the new moniker Parkway Rhythm follows up those 80’s club vibes in fine fashion. Metro Area styled percussion gets together with a deep kick and some shimmering boogie synths before one of those timeless synth basslines gets your shoulders moving. Sitting smack bang inbetween the smoothness of the boogie sound and the dancefloor power of proto house Mark has repeated his Pillow Talk trick and provided an absolute blinder. The 12″ is rounded out with a warehouse shaking ‘Deepa Dub’ and a dub version of the club mix for a little variety. This record is must buy and you can pick it up from here.



mark seven – higher (editnot) (creative use, 2007)

This all time classic edit from selector in chief Mark Seven caused an almighty stir in the old bally earache world upon its original release, selling out all over the place in a matter of minutes, and during a postal strike no less. The 12″ in question ‘Divine Edits’ contained three tracks all in keeping with the subject matter at hand. ‘Sermon’ was a low tempo house chugger after the fashion of One Dove’s ‘White Love’, but with a gospel sermon played over the top of it. Essentially it sounds mighty similar to ‘Come Together’ by Primal Scream.

‘Heaven’ begins with the sound of the rolling surf, develops into bongos and spanish guitar and has the kind of world percussion that sounds like loads of frogs, the best kind of course. It’s a full on beach bar number.

The ace in the hole was of course ‘Heaven’, an extension and rearrangement of Gospel stalwarts The Clark Sisters singing a little number called ‘Hi Ya’. The bassline and piano parts sounds like a slow version of ‘I Wish’ by Stevie Wonder, and the girls’ vocals bring out full on hands in the air, take me to church eupohoria. It’s a smash hit.

Earlier this year it was included on the Creative Use ‘The Collection’ compilation CD, alongside some brilliant edits from Soul Mekaniks (Bounty Girls and Even Stevens are magnificent, Instantaneous Acid is a secret weapon) and  Mark E’s scorching ten minute wonder ‘Sun Shadow’. I strongly recommend this CD to anyone with ears, you will not come across as diverse a selection as this that still maintains such a high quality. You can still get copies here.

As a limited treat, here is one of 2007’s standout moments, enjoy and then buy the compilation!