MAY68 – White Lies (Tape Warm Remix) (2011)

Life is something special, here we have an exclusive to get you moving for the week . Manchester’s finest electro-disco-post-punk-pop party starters MAY68 have enlisted the talents of Discofutura favourites Tape Warm to add some of their magic to their latest single ‘White Lies’. The Brazilian duo have muted the pop elements of the original and replaced them with deep bass, warm pads and shuffling percussion, taking the track from peak time banger at an indie disco to late night groover in the car on the way home. This is music to cruise to, the kind of thing Ryan Gosling would listen to on his car stereo before carrying out an act of extreme violence. Exactly the thing for dark winter evenings.

MAY68 have kindly given us exclusivity of this post disco gem and a limited free download in full hi fi glory as well, boom boom. The original track and its house influenced b side ‘Static’ are due for release on the 17th October on Black Duck Records. Get all over it.

MAY68 – White Lies (Tape Warm Remix)

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alexkid – nightshade – chicken lips mix (f communications, 2006)

offer me anything with reberb, echo and melody and I am in. by digitizing vinyls I get to discover loads of long-forgotten monsters like this one here. it is a Chicken Lips mix (you can’t go wrong) for frenchman Alexkid. I have never listened to the original but I guess it must be pretty crap when put aside the chicken lips treatment.

It has the always warm keyboards, the catchy drumbeats, the acidic bass, and the very sensuous voice of liset alea. couple of climatic stops and there you go. mixes like this one do not come easy. this is dancefloor material and an underrated classic. Two in one.

alexkid and f communications got lucky put the money in the right pockets by choosing chicken lips as the remixer.

ripped from the vinyl version; get it here at 320kbps. 

nile delta – channel (cutters, 2011)

Following on from yesterday’s review of the latest In Flagranti album, here’s a track that combines electro, house and disco sensibilities in much the same way as the porn obsessed duo. Coming to our ears directly from Cut Copy’s record label, Cutters, ‘Channel’ is the debut release from former Rioter (In Belgium) Joel Dickson’s new project, Nile Delta. This 12″ represents good value for money with 4 good quality cuts, 2 originals and 2 remixes, with something here for all moods. ‘Channel’ is the stand out for me, ticking a lot of boxes. Electronic disco bassline, some low fidelity boogie woogie piano snippets, crowd noise a plenty, some sampled horns. This is the standout party single the In Flagranti album was missing. Top notch. ‘All This’ presents something a little more sedate. Cut Copy bassman Ben Browning lends his unmistakable vocal stylings to a reverb drenched chugger, full of the haze of a summer day. The only downside from Joel Dickson’s point of view is that with vocals so reminiscent of Cut Copy, if you played this to me blind, I’d assume it was a remix of Cut Copy rather than a Nile Delta track.

On remix duties are Tornado Wallace and Chicken Lips who offer two very different interpretations of ‘All This’. The former offers up an atmospheric number, deep in the style of Metro Area rather than Pepe Bradock, which transplants the original from the sunny afternoon to the late night. Chicken Lips set phazers to stun and offer up one of their arpeggiated work outs, throwing a Morodersweight (the technical measurement) of analogue synths at the original and taking it up to the stars (and sort of pinching a bit from Gaz Nevada’s IC Love Affair). A high quality debut release. Get it from piccadilly.

tape warm – silver copy (beatzforfreakz recordings, 2011)

A couple of days ago we got an unsolicited email from a Sao Paulo based disco duo, telling us about their new release. For people out there who don’t receive these kinds of emails, there might be one track in a hundred worth listening to. Thankfully for me it was a lucky day. Tape Warm comprises of Boris Kauffmann and Felipe Diniz, two fellas in love with the analogue warmth of 70s disco, the drift of Moroder’s timeless production and the clarity and precision of sound achieved by Metro Area. ‘Silver Copy’ takes all these influences and throws them together with verve and panache making a track that references early house, boogie, disco and the analogue sound of modern groups like Metro Area or Chicken Lips. This is the kind of track that Holy Ghost! could have made if they didn’t want to be popstars. It comes with a tidy little home video of a vinyl being made, and a remix by beatzforfreakz boss DJ Zeyhan. I can see this getting some heavy plays from me in the weeks to come.

chicken lips – she fish (lipservice, 2011)

Last year the Chicken Lips boys released the ‘Experience of Malfunction’ album, a suitably dubby and wonky collection of loose disco and house jams. This week they put out an extended 12″ version of one of the album stand outs ‘She Fish’ on their own Lipservice imprint. As with all Lipservice releases the duo have upped the repetition, rocked the rhythm and ridden the groove straight into the middle of the dancefloor. This release is no exception. The extended 12″ version is an organic disco workout, all baggy basslines and off kilter percussion with the sassy latino vocals. The ‘Main Stem Country Fishing Trip’ is as odd as it sounds, cooling things off a little and setting aim considerably higher than the floor, increasing the space and taking the kind of journey that Studio specialise in. Main Stem are new to Lipservice and are definitely ones to watch. On the flip the ‘Zeegfunk Warehouse Dub’ takes its cue from the previous Zeegfunk cannon and enters the peak time dancefloor (stage left of course). Dean and Andy deliver some classic house piano for those reach-up-to-the-ceiling vibes and some tropical breakdowns befitting of those latin vocals. I have a feeling this cut’s going to feature heavily over the next few months. Finally ‘Mean’ Dean Meredith goes solo on that ass under his Rhythm Odyssey moniker with his ‘Dirty Tape Edit’. On this incarnation of the track Dean leaves behind the usual Rhythm Odyssey jack in favour of an Emperor Machine style interpretation which could see alongside the best of his partner in crime’s work. All in all, the four cuts are of the highest quality and are so different to each other you’ll find something to wear on any occasion…

Buy the 12″ from Juno or Piccadilly, and to wet your appetite have a listen to the Original album cut, and a download of Leo Zero’s superhero camp HI-NRG Version…

Chicken Lips – She Fish (Leo Zero Remix)