the social network (soundtrack by atticus ross & trent reznor)

what has Bomb the Bass got to do with Facebook? More than I thought. Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor joined forces with mid 1990s Bomb the Bass’ programmer Atticus Ross in order to compose a mind-blowing soundtrack. Atticus aided significantly Tim Simenon in producing the superb album ‘Clear’ adding that slightly eerie and dark touch overall to it.

the facebook narrative present in The Social Network is heightened in its headlong tension by Reznor and Ross significantly. the soundtrack does not overcome the film. It does not impose itself over the picture. It just accompanies it and betters the film itself. Just doing what a soundtrack must do. Taking a step back, and accommodating the story. some would say that is simple, minimal or just not deserving an oscar. quite true, but overall stormer dancefloor tracks like ‘in motion‘ or poppy beauties like ‘Creep‘ or the numerous ambient moments with simple yet harrowing piano notes create a unique atmosphere that greatly combines mystery, darkness and originality. Many critics and fans have put emphasis on Trent Reznor’s musical abilities as soundtrack composer. But what about our man from England, Mr Ross? Well here you have couple of links that shows you how similar in its form and idea is what he made in 1995 along Simenon and what is one of the standout tracks for me in this essential work of art.

1995 bomb the bass ‘one to one religion’

2010 trent reznor & atticus ross ‘on we march’


a discofutura digitape vol. 01

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there we go with some old some new but all timeless music for your own enjoyment.


1. bomb the bass – bug powder dust – k&d session dub mix

2. nina simone – four women – dj obah edit

3. holger czukay – my persian love – remix

4. slumbor jack – disco dragon

5. stupid human – still alive

6. stevie wonder – love light in flight – the revenge edit

7. michael jackson – do you remember – cole medina edit

8. unknown artist – untitled

9. discodeine – singular

10. teaspoon and the waves – oh ye soweto

11. blancmange – game above my head – kid who edit

12. nona hendryx – to the bone – rayko edit

13. escape from new york – fire in my heart

14. paul simon – diamonds – todd terje edit

15. b-52’s – deep sleep – skinny joey edit