marcos cabral – cassandra (long island electrical systems, 2011)

Marcos Cabral is half Runaway with Jacques Renault and co-owner of On the Prowl. This vinyl here is himself charting the well-treaded dubby techno territories and does not disappoint. It is not a mere copy of any Basic Channel / Moritz Von Oswald production. Instead, it is a release full of originality and uniqueness, fine tuned and well-executed. Cassandra, my chosen offering here (promotional purposes only, folks) is a delicate, gentle and melodic dub exercise in nuance and texture layering. This is techno in one of its many splintered variants. And i am fully conscious of the connotations the word brings to some. So let me reassure you. Let, actually, Legowelt, an also experienced electronic music crafter,  clarify you what kind of techno we are dealing with over here: ‘(…)when I say Techno, I don’t mean that booooooooooring contemporary sh*t they call techno nowadays with overrated talentless pretentious douchebag c*nt DJs playing a few halfassed dumb mongo beats and being all artsy fartsy about it.” So be it.