Massara – Margarita “Margherita” (Movieplay 1979)

Another second hand gem in the form of this oft edited Latino/Italo/Synth gem. The image I’ve gone with above is from the Ariola release because I couldn’t bring myself to search for the Movieplay sleeve (a strong contender for the worst 12″ artwork of all time). Anyway, on to the music. You’ve heard the edit on Morgan Geist’s Unclassics, you’ve got the Psychemagik edit on History Clock, and now you have the original. Marvel as those Italo electronics collide with lush Latino melodies, sway as the track melts into those super cheesy cruise ship moments, and just wait for the break in the middle with the spanish guitar. I’ve chosen to go with the Versión Orquestral but true lovers of this track and its questionable euro vocals can petition for the vocal incarnation.



Wally Badarou – Chief Inspector (Precinct 13) (4th & Broadway, 1985)

Earlier this week I made a second hand record haul to die for in the musty gloom of Manchester’s Empire Exchange. After spending a mindnumbing hour trawling through a lot of terrible trance and hard house records, I suddenly happened upon a small enclave of Italo and Balearic classics that had previous eluded me on black wax. In the end I managed to get six excellent records for a reasonable six quid, and thought I’d share my spoils with the wider world.

First up is this deep and danceable, slow tempo proto house groover from the Island records keyboard genius Wally Badarou. At times you get jazz funk, at other’s there’s the low stomp of house and in the middle there’s the glorious keyboard progression that Lindstrøm owes a debt to. Polyrhythmic, funky and dubbed out, this track is a classic deserving of love and dancing from all concerned.

Kollektivnye and Discofutura’s Modern Amateur Radio

Some erudite and talented friends of ours run a cultural dispatch called Kollektivnye. They write interesting articles on modern media, music and the arts, take excellent photos of places you wish you’d been to and are generally an interesting bunch. A couple of weeks ago they asked us to provide the inaugural effort in their new mix series, and this was the fruit of that labour. You’ll recognise a number of the tracks from recent features on here, along with a smattering of old and new records and one record subject to water damage on the label that i have failed to identify. Use this mix as a soundtrack to explore the excellent Kollektivnye website.

Discofutura – Modern Amateur Radio


1. Dr Hook and the Medicine Band – Penny (Galleon Trade Hooked on Penicillin Version)
2. Keep Schtum – Roots
3. Popular People’s Front – Keep Doin’ Your Dance
4. Delegation – Heartache No. 9
5. Norman Connors – Once I’ve Been There
6. Teengirl Fantasy – Cheaters (John Talabot’s Classic Vocal Refix)
7. Parada 88 – You’re Gonna Miss Me
8. Edward – Maxa
9. Benjamin Sun – Salty Tears
10. NYC Peech Boys – Stay With Me (Larry Levan Mix)
11. Locussolus – I Want It (Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas Remix)
12. Mystery Track
13. Cleo & Patra – Walk Like An Egyptian
14. Hercules & Love Affair – Shelter
15. Art Department feat. Soul Clap & Osunlade – We Call Love (DJ Harvey Remix)
16. It’s A Fine Line – Woman (A Makhnovshchina Repossession)
17. Chris Isaak – Wicked Games (TM Dubby Games Remix)

paxton fettel – out missing e.p. (greta cottage workshop, 2011)

Paxton Fettel – Out Missing E.P.

(Out November 4th, 2011)


Plenty has happened for our boy Paxton Fettel since the first E.P. Word is he has got cool with the kids (I’ll have to take gossip as fact on that one, I don’t get out much) and his live sets are killing it. (This is a definite; I’ve heard ‘em) We are working on an LP with him, but you can’t rush these things – like a good Chilli it’s taking time & plenty of work. Till then, you will have to be satisfied with this taste of the goods.

Permafunk : A jazz piano over a tight kick, with some analogue fuzz and a filter or two? Yup, you know how they go. One for the floor, this jam. Not a whiff of jaded old raver here, innocent, and with a huge grin all over its fat mush.

Fitchpork : A little known fact – The Danes use Fitchporks all the time to eat biscuits. You can hear the crumbs in the hiss & pop of the samples. Not sure what keeps him so happy, but I want a sliver. Use instead of softener in your mix. (I have been corrected; the correct term is butter cookie)

Out Missing: A little darker when you turn the key – then classic Greta horn stabs giving a nod to a certain Mr Wasserfall. Slo-Mo Vox open out into daylight and we amble off into classic Paxton territory. Euphoric. (Not like a Euphoric Dance compilation either) Try playing guess the BPM and really surprise yourself.

Magma : Drop down a few gears and have a little drift to this. Not in a hurry to go any place, and all the better for it. Scratch that itch for laid back & super deep house. It’s like staggering home from the pub to an Art Film Soundtrack.

va. fac. dance (strut records, 2011)

Factory Records 12” Mixes & Rarities 1980 – 1987
(Release date: 24th of October)

 CD 1
Section 25 – Looking From A Hilltop (Megamix) (8:12)
A Certain Ratio – Wild Party (4:17)
Quando Quango – Love Tempo (7:49)
52nd Street – Express (5:00)
Swamp Children – Little Voices (7:10)
Biting Tongues – Boss Toyota Trouble (5:30)
The Durutti Column – For Belgian Friends (Valuable Passages version) (5:22)
Royal Family & The Poor – Art On 45 (4:49)
A Certain Ratio – Knife Slits Water (12-inch version) (9:44)
Section 25 – Dirty Disco
Blurt – Puppeteer (3:22)
X-O-Dus – See Them-A-Come (8.28)
CD 2
New Order – Confusion (Original 12” mix) 8.13
Shark Vegas – Pretenders Of Love (5:08)
52nd Street – Cool As Ice (Jellybean Mix) (7:29)
Streetlife – Act On Instinct (Hot Swedish Mix) (5:32)
The Hood – Salvation! (Nitromix) (12:05)
Abecedarians – Smiling Monarchs (6:47)
Quando Quango – Atom Rock (Mark Kamins Mix) 7:27)
Marcel King – Reach For Love (New York Remix) (5:26)
52nd Street – Look Into My Eyes (6:55)
Quando Quango – Genius (6:22)
Swamp Children – You’ve Got Me Beat (4:55)
The Durutti Column – Madeleine (3:00)

Digital only
Minny Pops – Time (3.44)
Kalima – Black Water (6.35)
Royal Family & The Poor – Motherland (5:42)

Label: Strut
Catalogue No: STRUT087CD / LP
Formats (all unmixed): 2xCD / 2xLP/ digital
Release date: 10th October 2011


Strut presents an essential new retrospective covering the dance output of Factory Records, the seminal Manchester record label founded by Tony Wilson, Alan Erasmus and designer Peter Saville.The album turns the spotlight on some of the label’s early dancefloor-based work across key 12” mixes and rarities, from the unmistakeable production style of Martin Hannett to pioneering studio work by New Order’s Bernard Sumner and A Certain Ratio drummer Donald Johnson, under their BeMusic and DoJo monikers.

Early Factory experiments like Blurt’s avant garde mutant funk blast ‘Puppeteer’ rub shoulders with the fertile post-Joy Division period as the label’s unique, coruscating post-punk sound took shape on extended 12” cuts from A Certain Ratio, Section 25 and more. The album also expressly documents Factory’s strong links and cross-pollination with New York’s 1980s club culture, as New Order joined forces with producer Arthur Baker, fresh from his pioneering electro work with Afrika Bambaataa, while Quando Quango and Marcel King enlisted NY remixer Mark Kamins for tough-edged club treatments. Factory artists including Quando Quango would also perform at some of the city’s seminal nightspots, including the Paradise Garage.

The compilation also touches on some of the wider dancefloor directions explored by Factory during its early years – the latin jazz funk of Swamp Children and Kalima, the cool British soul of  Tony Henry’s 52nd Street and a track from Factory’s only overtly reggae single, the Dennis Bovell-produced ‘See Them A’Come’ by X-O-Dus. Within FAC. DANCE are contained the grooves that would provide the blueprint for the Manchester scene of the late ‘80s and Factory’s heady later years – Happy Mondays, James, Northside and the rest.

FAC. DANCE is compiled and annotated by Bill Brewster of and produced in association with Factory Records Ltd.

Chaka Khan – I’m Every Woman (Dub) (Warner Bros, 1989)

This Chaka Khan remix 12″ is more known and loved for the Frankie Knuckles Hallucinogenic version of Chaka Khan and Rufus’ legendary ‘Ain’t Nobody’, a perfect end of night anthem that has served me very well over the years. However, for variety’s sake today I will share with you this jackin’ incarnation of the M&S classic, ‘I’m Every Woman.’ Produced by the man behind ‘We Call It Acieed’, Dancing Danny D, snares abound, along with some other lovely pieces of period electronic percussion, a warehouse shaking bassline and those Korg strings we all love so much. Don’t fear, it also has the uplifting chant along chorus. It could have been the template for Whitney’s Million Dollar Bill.

sneaky sound system – from here to anywhere (modular, 2011)

Powerhouse singer Miss Connie and producer extraordinaire Black Angus have been working on their imminent third collection, From Here To Anywhere, since 2009. The pair wrote all of it themselves, between tour dates, in hotel rooms and studios from Sydney to just about everywhere – London, Paris, Ibiza, Moscow and beyond.

Now signed to the renowned Aussie imprint MODULAR Recordings (Ladyhawke, Cut Copy, Tame Impala),From Here To Anywhere is a record of strobing techno-pop lightning bolts with infectious melodies, taken to new heights by a duo at the top of their game. It effortlessly flows from track to track without losing any momentum. Connie’s passionate, virtuosic vocals and Angus’s savvy, gleaming production shine throughout, from the bouncing first single We Love to the throbbing pulse and simmering drama of I Remember.

‘Big’ is the next single and it comes with remixes by John Dahlback, Nicolas Jaar, Oliver and Etienne Ozbourne. You can listen to the original version here:

Elsewhere and the darkly seductive The Colours is all moody bass and robotic beats. Even when the pair ventures into what might be dubbed familiar territory, on the likes of the emotive Friends and the electrifying Really Want To See You Again, they pull off the feat of sounding simultaneously vintage and futuristic. Other highlights include the clubbier I Need You So1984 and the luscious I’m Not Leaving.

Of course, Connie and Angus have been impressing since they started making beautiful music together in 2004. As their reputation grew, thanks to the still-weekly Sneaky Sundays club night in SydneySneaky Sound System started releasing singles (including Hip Hip Hooray and Tease Me) and eventually, in 2006, a self-titled debut album. Spearheaded by a spectacular salvo of instant-classic anthems – think UFOPictures and I Love It – Sneaky Sound System won ARIA awards for best dance release and best breakthrough artist in 2007.

Striking while the iron was all but on fire their second album arrived in 2008, with yet more dance-floor slayers in the form of Kansas CityWhen We Were Young and the #1 UK club smash It’s Not My Problem.

As the new album title From Here To Anywhere suggests, phase III of the Sneaky story is shaping up to be one hell of a journey…and with a record filled with so many goodies, who knows just how far they’ll go.

chromeo – when the night falls – hercules & love affair mix (turbo, 2011)

After the magnificent house tune that is the take of The XX’s ‘Shelter’ by Hercules and Love Affair, which not only caused my ears to melt in pleasure, but also illuminated on the remix power that these guys have. They do proper vocal house tunes and they do real damage on the dancefloor. Although ‘Shelter’ is a thousand times better than this offering here, it lacks length. I will never get why superb tracks are sometimes are so short in duration. In any case, here is another Love Affair gem which does work ace. It has seen the light just three days ago on Canadian label Turbo. Commanded by Tiga. With some avoidable releases on some occasions, this time they press the right keys and make this vinyl a top buy.

If you like this, go and get the vinyl!

noir / haze – around – solomun mix (noir music, 2011)

It has been a while since I have been offering some music. So it is time now. This here is a very coveted weapon that not even my partner in crime is aware of – or so I think. We know of Solomun’s capabilities already but when he is on the remix desk, things get very serious. Here is a simple yet effective track on Danish label Noir Music. Solomun gives us a groovy and deep track that plays around with two single chords riding on an bassline drenched in emotion that superbly accompany some philosophical  lyrics which entertain the idea of karma. There is a silly keyboard dropped on top which reminds me of the early and best Losoul on Playhouse.

On a different note, I will not start a debate on the disco/re-edit genre, but I feel the genre has lived its glory days now and we are are back on the house/techno/minimal road. History repeating. I find myself listening to more of the latter and the originality and creativity around those beats seem to be on the rise… again.

This and other monsters will be dropped on our next Saturday 8th of October at The Corner. It is a relatively small and intimate venue so early arrival is highly recommended. Party ’til 3a.m.

For now enjoy this fave of mine.

Faze Action – Stratus Energy (Original Version) (Faze Action, 2007)

Here’s some top notch Faze Action action from a few years ago. Despite being one of the stand out tracks on the superb Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas essential mix this one somehow managed to more or less fly under the radar. Surprising since it is a soaring piece of interstellar disco replete with all manner of spaceship swooshes, lazers and synth gurgles. The duo’s trademark string arrangements perch on top of a driving beat and bouncy bassline while some futuristic synth melodies and star trek whistles take you to a dancefloor far far away. As well as being released on this 12″ you can find this and other intergalactic delights (including ‘I Wanna Dancer’) on the 2009 ‘Stratus Energy’ Cd.