stevie wonder & paul mccartney – what’s that you’re doing (unknown re-edit) (undiscovered, 2010)

This track is part of a magnificent, complete and ephemeral ep that surfaced in 2009 on vinyl only and quickly became a chased rarity. The four tracks are just bliss. My favourite being the timeless Karen Young’s 1982 electronic funk classic ‘Deetour’ which I will post for your enjoyment in the coming weeks.

For now, I let you be the judge on this re-edit by I do not know who. Although I have mixed feelings about it, it is good enough to be posted here and share it with all of you. Stevie Wonder’s synths are as funky as they get and McCartney’s vocals… intense. This goes down pretty well at any point in any set. It is a great party tune and you’ll see why. It is up for grabs for a limited time folks, so go and press that little downward facing arrow in the souncloud window. Ripped from vinyl in hifi as it is the norm at the discofutura towers!

Keep yourselves tuned for some real rarities from Paul himself in the coming days!


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