mark seven – higher (editnot) (creative use, 2007)

This all time classic edit from selector in chief Mark Seven caused an almighty stir in the old bally earache world upon its original release, selling out all over the place in a matter of minutes, and during a postal strike no less. The 12″ in question ‘Divine Edits’ contained three tracks all in keeping with the subject matter at hand. ‘Sermon’ was a low tempo house chugger after the fashion of One Dove’s ‘White Love’, but with a gospel sermon played over the top of it. Essentially it sounds mighty similar to ‘Come Together’ by Primal Scream.

‘Heaven’ begins with the sound of the rolling surf, develops into bongos and spanish guitar and has the kind of world percussion that sounds like loads of frogs, the best kind of course. It’s a full on beach bar number.

The ace in the hole was of course ‘Heaven’, an extension and rearrangement of Gospel stalwarts The Clark Sisters singing a little number called ‘Hi Ya’. The bassline and piano parts sounds like a slow version of ‘I Wish’ by Stevie Wonder, and the girls’ vocals bring out full on hands in the air, take me to church eupohoria. It’s a smash hit.

Earlier this year it was included on the Creative Use ‘The Collection’ compilation CD, alongside some brilliant edits from Soul Mekaniks (Bounty Girls and Even Stevens are magnificent, Instantaneous Acid is a secret weapon) and  Mark E’s scorching ten minute wonder ‘Sun Shadow’. I strongly recommend this CD to anyone with ears, you will not come across as diverse a selection as this that still maintains such a high quality. You can still get copies here.

As a limited treat, here is one of 2007’s standout moments, enjoy and then buy the compilation!


ultrasonic 7 – you are in my system (katorski mix) (regalia recordings, 2011)

Well, folks, we got this in our Discofutura inbox not long ago, and how refreshing. They do not come as good as this one often enough. Do not be misguided by the strong similarity of the artwork with the 1996 Sneaker Pimps’ hit ‘Spin Spin Sugar’ vinyl cover. We immediately fell in love with the Katorski take on the original. A mid paced slow builder perfect to warm you up.The upcoming Belgian record label, Regalia Recordings, has some heavyweights on its rota: Munk, Polydor, King Dj, Martians or the Ultrasonic 7 hopefuls. Why not give them a good listen on their very own soundcloud page.

I will let you read the press release on this one. As a fine gesture of goodwill from the Regalia headquarters, and in almost exclusive treatment, we are giving away twenty… Yes, just twenty hifi downloads of our favourite mix on this ep which will be out very soon. Once it is gone, it is gone!


After the success of both the previous singles, Ultrasonic 7’s back on Regalia with a cover of ‘You Are In My System’. Originally by The System, but best remembered from the cover by Robert Palmer on which this version was mainly based.

U7 delivers a very sexy midtempo interpretation, with a warm analogue sound and a shruggy slomo disco feel that oozes midnight sweat. Tom’s singing is simply mesmerizing. His voice carries forth the intensity of infatuation that this song is all about. Although no small task, neither an aim to be taken lightly, we feel confident enough to say his vocals do Mr. Palmer justice.

The first remix comes from Belgian newcomer Katorski, who speeds it up a tad and delivers a full vocal italo mix that takes it to the club a bit more without losing any of the song’s original sexyness, and in effect actually adds something quite hypnotic to it, complete with acid drops and all.

Next there’s a dubbier lofty discomix by some of New York’s finest Drrtyhaze, who have been building up a strong rep as producers/remixers with releases on Under The Shade, Redux, Tirk and Nang (album coming soon on the latter). Extremely dancefloor friendly, this one, reminiscent of all kinds of classic stuff that came out of NY. This will sit well in any dj’s set and is guaranteed to instantly set the right tone if you’re out to generate some genuine heat.

Another one of Belgium’s upcoming producers, Polydor, delivers the final mix. He takes the track to the main room with a pumpy techno-ish rework. (We’d use the term electrohouse, but sources tell us that’s become a dirty word these days – this would prove the clichés wrong by being sheer quality though). This mix proves you don’t have to get all obnoxious to get to a hi energy sound. Fat is the word. Fists will pump, drinks will get spilled and roars will be uttered at high volume.

Sexyness key on this release.
Watch out for Ultrasonic 7’s new full album “Bare Walkin'”, coming very soon! More on Regalia’s releases and artists here.

stevie wonder & paul mccartney – what’s that you’re doing (unknown re-edit) (undiscovered, 2010)

This track is part of a magnificent, complete and ephemeral ep that surfaced in 2009 on vinyl only and quickly became a chased rarity. The four tracks are just bliss. My favourite being the timeless Karen Young’s 1982 electronic funk classic ‘Deetour’ which I will post for your enjoyment in the coming weeks.

For now, I let you be the judge on this re-edit by I do not know who. Although I have mixed feelings about it, it is good enough to be posted here and share it with all of you. Stevie Wonder’s synths are as funky as they get and McCartney’s vocals… intense. This goes down pretty well at any point in any set. It is a great party tune and you’ll see why. It is up for grabs for a limited time folks, so go and press that little downward facing arrow in the souncloud window. Ripped from vinyl in hifi as it is the norm at the discofutura towers!

Keep yourselves tuned for some real rarities from Paul himself in the coming days!

michael jackson – thriller (ooft music phazed edit) (l.e.s.s., 2007)

I was playing records out in a bar tonight and decided to unleash this old favourite upon the unsuspecting crowd. Needless to say the reaction was raucous, especially considering the paltry numbers there, and everyone got on board with the zombie dance. One discerning gent wanted to know which version I was playing, so I decided to share it with him and the world on here.

Thriller is part of our collective mind. It’s brilliant. Amazing then, that Ooft managed to take one of the all time top pop records and make it even better than before. There’s a long build up, echo left right and centre, the spooky spoken word, but none of the poppy verse. Instead, we’re treated to a drawn out dance workout before the chorus comes in at the end. They even use the transformation section and zombie dance from the video as the breakdown in the middle. Nuff respect. Originally on L.E.S.S. records’ ‘Forever in their Death’ compilation, this one also surfaced on the later L.E.S.S. retrospective ‘The Last Chapter’. There’s a white label bootleg of this floating about out there too, but day by day the quality L.E.S.S. edits become more and more rare, so enjoy responsibly and play on repeat this halloween.

black strobe – i feel love 79

I Feel Love needs no introduction. Moroder smacked it out the park, then Patrick Cowley created a definitive version with added synths and poppers. Black Strobe have tipped their cap his way and recorded their own electro sleaze version, perfect for drug fuelled romps around european clubs. Whilst this mix doesn’t come close to the brilliance of the original, variety is the spice of life…



jan hammer – crockett’s theme (extended 12″ instrumental mix) (MCA, 1986)

Many weeks ago I posted the FPU cover of this classic, with the promise of digitising the glorious and superior original. I then started a new job, went on my summer holidays and forgot my previous oath. I won’t let such an error happen again. This is one of my all time favourite tracks, balearic, cinematic and epic, certainly cheesy, but at the same time fully heartfelt. Jan Hammer is a man of many talents, responsible for some truly far out fusion both with the Mahavishnu Orchestra and on his lonesome, whilst also contributing a number of hideous 80’s TV beds. This however, is his TV standout. Loved by the balearic, ambient, pop and electronica fans, it’s a true essential in anyone’s collection. Alongside Phil Collins’ ‘In The Air Tonight’, which never sounded as good as in the Miami Vice pilot episode, ‘Crockett’s Theme’ is the standout signature track from that powerhouse of 80’s pop culture. A gift, for you….and while you’re at it, spare the 4 minutes to watch one of the greatest scenes in TV history…


edward – maxa (merc, 2011)

Another one of my summer favourites here courtesy of newcomer Edward on old hand Marc E’s Merc imprint. The story goes that Edward dropped Mark E a cd of leftfield house and booked himself a debut release in the form of this little 12″. Upon the most cursory of listens it’d be clear why this struck a chord with the Merc main man. It’s a repetitive builder, based on a  gloriously deep and warm bass sound and crisp percussion with colour added by a drone and the occasional synth twinkle. Oh, and it’s got sirens, massive starlit rave sirens. As for the b side, ‘Naxa’, it uses the brass from Paul Simon’s ‘Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes’, but in a new and strange way, that sadly my brain cannot compute. Maybe it’s a case of being too fond of the original, but ‘Naxa’ just doesn’t do it for me. However, ‘Maxa’ is worth the price of admission alone, and is still available at Piccadilly for vinyl fans, especially those who are brave enough for the b-side.

For the rest, here’s Maxa in digital, for a limited time only.

fat camp – don’t blame us 4 the boogie (disco sucks, 2005)

As well as being a DJ History head honcho, Lowlife spinner and dance music archiver in chief, Bill Brewster also makes up production duo Fat Camp alongside Paul Noble. Together the duo have notched up their fair share of releases over the last decade, retouching and re editing everything from classic funk and disco joints to the smoothest of contemporary r’n’b.

This track is the Fat Camp take on Tweet’s 2002 track ‘Boogie 2nite’, which became an all conquering handbag house smash hit when covered by ‘Booty Luv’. The pair up the tempo of the Tweet original while retaining some of the funk percussion and add a tasty boogie bassline befitting of the track title. Once the sultry vocals of the original kick in the crowd will be in the palm of your hand.

teengirl fantasy – cheaters (john talabot’s classic vocal refix) (hivern, 2011)

Now that the summer is drawing to a close it seems a good time to reveal one of my recent sunsoaked weapons. Teengirl Fantasy’s Cheaters came out in 2010 and was a decent enough, but overlooked track, remixed for this summer by John Talabot in storming fashion. Soulful and emotional vocals, beautiful piano house chords and the usual intricate John Talabot rhythms. This is already an unclassic and it’s only months old. Words can’t come near to revealing the full glory of this track so I’ll let it speak for itself.