horse meat disco interview (strut records)


worth watching and listening. bill brewster (dj history) conducted this chat  with Luke Howard and James Hillard talking about horse meat disco, gay clubs/scene, new york, london, music, inspiration, sleaze , etc…

have a look here


fpu – crockett’s theme (turbo, 2002)

Since i brought the label up, here’s a Turbo track that lay forgotten in the depths of my scull and collection until very recently. Many moons ago a friend was raving to me about a cover of Jan Hammer’s finest hour, and I was duly skeptical about whether it could possibly better the original. The short answer is that it doesn’t, and is a cover which keeps very strictly to the sound and feeling of the original. However, that said, it is still an emotional and evocative piece of music, which acutely reminds one of the sights and smells of the time, namely white ties and poppers. Soon enough I will post the gorgeous Jan Hammer version, but until then, saver the electroklash drum clicks and bass synths, and the genius artwork.

gesaffelstein – glass (turbo, 2010)

Here’s a corker from last year from french producer Gesaffelstein (bless you!) on Tiga’s label Turbo. For the past decade Turbo has been a home to some of the highpoints of the electroklash, electro and techno movements, albeit with some missteps along the way. When you listen to this bristling moody take on modern teutonic techno, you’ll be amazed that he’s not in fact German. The track is driving and moody and ends up coming across like a hyper charged version of a Carpenter soundtrack.

paul kalkbrenner – altes kamuffel (bpitch control, 2007)

good techno is always welcome on the discofutura towers. does not matter the number of connotations that brings to mind. does not matter how many people link it to drug abuse. as long as it is good is welcome big time.

it is the case of this massive stadium anthem. paul kalkbrenner, although under the radar a veteran in techno, released this monster on legendary label bpitch control in 2007. Pure German techno that, i can assure you, does not require you to be fixed on pills to get it. Its Gui Boratto style and trance like melodies will transport you well away hardcore reality.

this is best enjoyed loud… very loud. on a massive communist factory building in the outskirts of some cold eastern european country with strobe lights and filled with hundreds of sweaty bodies screaming for more of this.

‘altes kamuffel’ must be among the techno classics of the last decade no doubt.

manuel tur – most of this moment – isolee mix (white label, 2010)

well… i could not leave without dropping this one. i do not think it needs much introduction. it came out on a white label and it said isolee on the central biscuit as you can see in the picture.

what else do you need? isolee is synonym with distinctive musical quality so i bought it without listening to it.  and i was not disappointed. on the face is a top vocal house tune. on a closer listening (with headphones preferably) you will note loads of quirkiness and playful electronics/effects masterfully dropped on it.

as with anything isolee does, it is warm, approachable, very danceable and…uhmm… thought provoking. an absolute carpe diem hymn.


dj t – rave d’amour (get physical, 2005)

last but not least is this raw electro number for today. happiness shared tastes better. so there you go.

get physical (great name for a record label) is dj t’s musical outlet. and dj t is also one of the founding fathers of Groove magazine, German bimonthly publication centered on deutsch techno mainly where Ewan Pearson happens to write a quite lucid column every now and then.

anyway, this track was well hidden on the ‘a guy called jack’ 12″ that includes a super samim & michal mix of the original. a very polished minimal house thing. and a not so great Joakim mix.

a superb surprise that I only discovered when digitizing such vinyl. and here is for you to be shared.

enough for today. obligations are ringing on the phone.

los jugaderos – what you doing to this girl (junior boy’s own, 2003)

los jugaderos are no other than phil asher and ashley beedle. Two entities of brit musical excellence. both eternally in love with the melodic and broken beat sides of house music, happened to produce this stormer back in 2003 on junior boy’s own.

a charming, warm and catchy melody runs along some wind instruments and a superb vocal disco sample. the drum kick does not let go.

just be warned… this is the original track. if you buy the vinyl, forget about the norman jay edit of it. it is a waste of space. it does not do anything to the original but distort it and emphasize the drum beat.

this track has, unsurprisingly, strong similarities with ashley beedle’s the uschi classen band’s ‘do you believe in love’ released on ninja tune back in 1996. a xylophone ridden floorfiller which i promise to post when i have access to it. for now… enjoy this mosnter.

pure house at its finest.

barrabas – woman – phantom slasher edit (noid recordings, 2009)


possibly the best musical act coming from Spain EVER! sorry but that’s true. Spain is a musical desert, void of innovation and originality. Spain just copies. It does it very badly and always late.

but Barrabas did rock the house big time at the time. and is regarded among the beardies and disco heads as one of the coolest acts coming from the land of fiesta and siesta. specially ‘woman’. With those vocals and thick accent… it just breaks hearts and hips.

made in 1972 and revisited properly (and respectfully) by phantom slasher on noid recordings, this hit took stratospheric heights propelled by heavy doses of dub, echo and reverb… and those infectious drums. mind-blowing and a total killer for those who know. there are many versions/edits of ‘woman’ but this one is the real thing.

grab it here… ripped from the 12″

luciano – octogonal (cadenza, 2005)

as with many electronic music subgenres, they surface, they become popular and they implode slowly. in the case of minimal, that was the case. one of the reasons why it became popular was because its simplicity and the fact that it could be done on your laptop in short time. of course, those factors inundated the market with pure mediocrity and boredom, but, as with anything else, there always good numbers out there.

ricardo villalobos may be the god of minimal heads. and indeed, for a while, he was amazing, groundbreaking and epic. Ricardo’s shadow was long and covered hordes of crappy labels and people calling themselves musicians. But there were exceptions; one of them was Luciano. He was less intricate and introspective. His music was more straightforward and dancefloor oriented. Still minimal but with more oomph.

The track here is from magnificent 12″ ‘bombero’s’ on seminal label Cadenza. This is the B Side, and what a b side.

Minimal was good when done right. Enjoy it!

g.b. and the tracks – my kind of women (smash disco records, 1978)

i am shocked. after i posted the It’s a Fine Line edit of the mosnster that is ‘my kind of women’, I really thought that all the electronic drums and effects and dark atmospheres on the edit where produced by ivan smagghe and tim paris.

I have been proved badly wrong. They just chopped the track and used it from the 2’30” and slowed it down. Everything is virtually the same on the edit except that they get rid of many vocals which in the original, i must say, i think they are overdone. So it is a great edit, but most of it was in the original. Which, by the way, that is what an edit is about.

In 2008, Tako on Ambassador’s Reception did similar. He got rid of the vocals and focused on the hypnotizing rhythm. With nothing added. Just extended along 4’40”. If you get the It’s a Fine Line version, you do not need Tako’s.

It was just shocking to find out that that marvelous drum kick and effects were made in 1978! All the synths were already there.

G.B. and The Tracks, i believe, were a Canadian ensemble with only one album released, ‘Dance to the Music’, and two singles extracted from it. Their class and avant-gardeness can be appreciated in other tracks such as ‘Dance to the Music’ which draws loads of influences from Pink Floyd’s ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ (check the break). They were placed between prog-rock and disco. ‘Chicken Stomp’ is an instrumental exercise where the moog is the central piece with bass/guitar accompanying the ultra funky and cosmic melodies. Loads of reverb and playing with all the knobs on the korg and moog synths. They sound very fresh, and if someone decides to re-release this gem, they will definitely make a profit.

Extremely hard to get on vinyl anymore, any G.B. on the Tracks fetch scandalous prices on discogs/eBay. They are worth every penny though.

I will leave you with ‘My Kind of Women’ at a sparkling 320kbps nicely ripped from good ole black wax.