C.O.M.B.i. – o/p, don’t stop dance/swamp googie crisco (C.O.M.B.i., 2011)

Fresh in at Juno and Piccadilly in the last 24 hours, and a few days before it was pegged for release comes the latest instalment in Eric Duncan’s consistently ace C.O.M.B.I. edit series. This time he serves up a proper tale of two halves, with two contrasting but hot re edits for your party. First up is ‘Don’t stop dance’ which is the Dunks treatment of TJM’s (Tom Moulton) ‘I don’t need no music’. The original is a track that hardly needs any work at all, and previous reworkings have been subtle to say the least. Dunks goes for a different approach here though, and drops the tempo by enough notches to make the track seem druggy and strung out, then sets to work looping it on up. I had the pleasure of hearing him drop this in Manchester, and it did the trick then, although I’d have to take a few more listens before I decided it was better than the original.

On side P, we get Swamp Googie Crisco, an edit of the track reworked for Stupid Human vol.1’s ‘Swamp’. I’ve failed to track down the original for this and so feel at the height of ignorance, so answers on a postcard and put me out of my misery ( thank you to Mr. Craig West for enlightening me with ‘Bobby Rush – I Wanna Do The Do’). In terms of the edit, there’s little to choose  between this version and the Stupid Human version, Dunks perhaps brings a little more bounce, and more vocals, but doesn’t apply the far out effects that Stupid Human treats us to. I’d have to say it’s too close to call.

All in all, in terms of freshness, Dunks has given us nothing we haven’t heard before, but the edits are of the highest production quality and are different enough to provide another option in a different set. Put another way, if you don’t own the originals, or any of the other edits of these songs, you’d bite his hand off, so I’d advise you to invest.

T.J.M. – I Don’t Need No Music /// discogs

T.J.M. – I Don’t Need No Music (Joey Negro Uptown Edit) /// discogs


mystery meat records






In 2009 a mysterious 12″ with excellent artwork jumped out the shelves of Picadilly records at me. The blurb boasted of the labels seedy origins in NYC’s chinatown and the music stomped out a path between the high camp excess of euro disco and full on acidic power. The man behind this monster was John Selway (of Neurotic Drum Band fame) and both sides of this record became staples of my sets.

Fastforward a few months and another 12″ appeared in the same sleeve, as before containing no clues to the records identity. I hit the internet in search of clues and found that this was the debut release from NCAM, a new production alias for Nick Chacona and Anthony Mansfield. On one side they gave us ‘Handle this’ a looped and filtered mid tempo house edit of Sharon Redd’s ‘Can You Handle It?’, which builds and drops along the lines of the L.E.S.S. Productions catalogue. On the flip was ‘The Bongers’, which begins with some simple drum and bongo patterns and a hypnotic bassline then features some afro guitar work, before finally dropping some dancefloor vocals about shaking and moving and dancing all night (all the usual stuff). Another high quality release which didn’t garner a great deal of attention.

Then in 2010 came the jewel in the Mystery Meat crown. Edition number three came from two of the men of the moment, Jacques Renault and Lee Douglas, and duly received more attention than the previous releases, but curiously still failed to take the world by storm. This fact is even stranger when you look at the quality of the two tracks. ‘Pump’ is an 8 minute disco funk banger, constantly moving, effect heavy and with the addition of some growling bass synths. It smashes dancefloors whenever it gets an airing. Sadly I can’t shed any light on the original artist or track, but I’d be amazed if it’s better than this edit. It has bongos, horns, handclaps, raw funk vocals, lasers, chicken scratch guitar, timbales, cowbell, the kitchen sink. It is a monstrous track. On the flip is ‘Got to Find a Disco’, an edit of the Love Exchange track of the same name. Compared to ‘Pump’, this is a more minimal number, gradually working the breaks of the original into the repeated vocal hook, and eventually letting a loop of the song’s main riff underpin the track. Once again, the use of effects is sublime, and creates little peaks throughout the 7 minute duration. All in all two sides of essential dancefloor weaponry for your arsenal.

Despite three high quality releases, the label remains a mystery to many, and indeed internet research as to who is behind the label has proved fruitless. Who knows if or when there will be further delicacies served up, but regardless, here are some aural gems for you to savour in the meantime. There are still copies of the 12″s floating around on the web, and I implore anyone with a record deck to hunt them down, you will not be disappointed. For those without turntables, here are rips from my copies at 320, along with some bonus OGs for comparison and an unreleased edit of Love Exchange from Italian disco boffin Bottin.

Brinton Mckay – Spindle /// Discogs

Brinton McKay – Warlord Control /// Discogs

NCAM – Handle This /// Discogs

NCAM – The Bongers /// Discogs

Jacques Renault & Lee Douglas – Pump /// Juno

Jacques Renault & Lee Douglas – Got To Find A Disco /// Juno

Love Exchange – Got To Find A Disco /// Discogs

Love Exchange – Got To Find A Disco (Bottin Edit)

Sharon Redd – Can You Handle It? /// Discogs

mountaineer – always coming home (tuff city kids remix) (leng, 2011)

Leng released some black wax this week as a primer for Mountaineer’s debut LP ‘The Real McQueen’. It contained remixes of album tracks ‘Golden Chalk’ and ‘Always Coming Home’ by Idjut Boys and Tuff City Kids repectively. I’m a massive fan of the Idjuts and rate their set at the roadhouse last year as one of the best I’ve ever seen, but for once I feel disappointed by their work. Their take on Golden Chalk attempts to combine the track’s melodic jangle with the deep dubby synths the duo love so much but after a few plays, it doesn’t feel like the two elements rest easily together, nor does the track ever seem to soar.

On the flipside however, we are treated to a gem. Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer turn out a bumping house number with a boogie tinged bassline and ever evolving percussion. This sets the foundation for the sumptuous synth work and piano vamps to steal the show. There are references to dub throughout with scratchy guitar chops on the upbeat and a fat round bass sound combining with the melodica line in the second half of the track. Augustus Pablo would be proud. Still in stock at Piccadilly so look sharp and get yourself an early  slice of summer.


torsk vs todd

Massive record alert!!! As featured on Gilles Peterson’s radio 1 show on tuesday, a mysterious track called Torsk vs Todd. After some enquiries on DJ History, Todd has been kind enough to reveal that it is his remix of Bjørn Torske’s ‘Langt Fra Afrika’ which will be released on Smalltown Supersound with a DJ Harvey remix on the flip. Both men have been stars of recent posts here, so anticipation for the release is high. Todd’s remix extends the afro drum track way beyond its original 2 minutes, adding some weird synth noises which sound a bit like the ring collecting noise from Sonic, some great live trumpet and some chanted vocals. This track will not suit everyone, and could definitely split a dancefloor, but does have the potential to create a great moment if treated with care. Apparently Harvey’s side is not yet complete but I’d be intrigued if he turns out something as surprising and refreshing as this leftfield bomb. Here’s the track at low quality, taped off the radio like it was the mid nineties again.

timber timbre – lay down on the tall grass (arts & crafts, 2009)

I will be brief. I stumbled across this beautiful song while listening to Discodeine’s RA mix, which is by all means an essential kit of audio bliss. Eclectic, surprising and unconventional. Among the diamonds offered by the French duo, there was this bluesy track which stands at an interesting intersection with indie folk, blues and even country music. melodic and full of emotions. this is no dancefloor material, and mosdef you  lose your job if playing this on a saturday night.

timber timbre are Canadian, and this debut album was released in 2009, but music of this quality does not expire… so there you go. Although the album is worth your attention, this is the standout track.

afra & incredible beatbox band – mouth music (maurice fulton mix) (oddjob records, 2007)

today i was refreshed with man of many aliases and producer maurice fulton. his 2006 remix of alice smith’s ‘love endeavour’ is probably his best ever. shame that the promo vinyl only release was limited to 500 and it is nowhere to be found. Of course it is on discogs but its price tag is £73 for the cheapest copy. it was supposed to be a proper release anticipating alice smith’s album, which was nothing close to maurice’s remix.

in any case, there are many other examples of Fulton’s creativity and ways he pushes himself to always innovate and defy genres. his electro funk, synths and percussive games are always present in any of his remixes or productions. his remix for japanese band afra & incredible beatbox band is one of his less known remixes, and quite refreshing somehow. the beatboxing rhythm and his playful drum programming is top notch as always. it also contains  some ultra funky jimi tenor reminiscences that used to be present on his early productions on the Transfusion label.

since it was never a major release, here you have it for your enjoyment. let us know what you think of it!

by the way, if anybody out there has a 320kbps copy of fulton’s treatment of ‘love endeavour’, contact us, please!

tiger and woods – girls like boys (burning spears, 2011)

No sooner have you posted one update on this mysterious duo, and the modern world has left you behind. Fresh into Piccadilly late this afternoon is this one sided etched 12″ of the pair’s re-edit of Britney feat Pharrell Williams – ‘Boys’. It was featured late on in their recent Resident Advisor podcast and is in the T&W style, reminiscent of M.E. Rnb Drunkie. It’s limited to 500, so don’t sleep on it.

Get it here.

Listen to it here, comes in at around 58 minutes.

dimitri from stoke-on-trent “the nice one innit ep” (hands of time gold, 2011)

This is the hottest wax in the nudisco world at the moment. It’s sold out twice already in its first week at Piccadilly and sits loftily as the most popular record at Juno. Following on from the disappointing ‘Sakura Blue’ edits (HOTGOLDIII) the wandering Dimitri delivers a solid four track for your party. First up is the exceptional edit of Prince’s ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’ which has been causing a stir in the beardo world ever since it first surfaced on Dim’s soundcloud. Merging a live version and the studio recording with the addition of some hot synth action Dimitri has absolutely nailed this one. I’ve spent the last three months playing the 160kbps soundcloud download and it’s heavenly to be able to feel the full force of the track on vinyl. To follow, Dim serves up a chopped up version of the Velvelettes’ swinging party number ‘Really Saying Something’ and an extension of Aretha Franklin’s ‘I Say A Little Prayer’ in keeping with his recent Philly work. Finally Dem Oi Garl is Dim’s psychadelic take on Them’s ‘Gloria’ which rounds of the EP in style. There’s nothing deep or intellectual here, just four slices of party cake, with the prince track at the forefront. Dimitri’s next release is under the alias Erodiscotique and is called ‘New York I Love You’, a house jam in the early 90’s style utilising the vocals from Hamilton Bohannon’s ‘Take the Country to N.Y.C.’



Prince – I Wanna Be Your Lover (Dimtri From Paris Edit) 160kbps

Bohannon – Take the Country to N.Y.C



white elephant – sir john (redux, 2011)

Sir John is the debut release from a collaboration between Benjamin Smith (of Claremont’s Smith & Mudd fame) and Chris Todd and Jim Baron (Crazy P). This lush acoustic number is perfect for the current summer weather and in fitting with the current balearic trend. Chiming guitars and shakers give way to a moody groove in the vein of Crosby Stills and Nash’s ‘Dark Star’, all backed with some atmospheric synth work. This will sit perfectly on shelves, in bags and in sets along side Prins Thomas’ Discomiks of Doves’ ‘Kingdom of Rust’ and any of the Fascinating Rhythms releases. On the flip side Mark E ups the tempo and adds a chugging beat and bass as well as some squelching electronics but deftly keeps the whole thing balanced. For me these two tracks are the essence of Balearic music, conjuring up thoughts of summer but with an underlying melancholy.

Grab this gem whilst you can from the usual suspects.

tiger & woods – through the green (running back, 2011)

Tiger & Woods have been regulars in our record boxes ever since the release of the Hole in One E.P. in 2009 (I can’t believe it was that long ago) and so we were delighted to discover that the pair are going to follow up the three strong 12″s released on Editainment, with a long player on Running Back. The album is slated for May and features the strongest of those 12″ cuts in addition to five new tracks. The looped up and super processed edit sound of the golfing duo has received support from all across the dance music spectrum, proving as popular amongst the disco crowd as it is with the house and techno aficionados. For those who can’t wait until may the album will be preceded by a 12″ sampler made up of some of the new material as well as a solo outing for David Woods on Editainment and the duo’s rework of Tensnake’s boogie monster ‘Need Your Lovin’ on Permanent Vacation. Keep your eyes peeled for these releases and your ears will thank you, this pair always bring the fire when they take to the desk. You can pick up copies of some of the back catalogue here, especially the recently released Larry Tiger solo outing ‘Alone on the Green’. Here’s a stream of the storming ‘Gin Nation’ from the sold out Caddy Shag E.P. and its source by Imagination in both original and Nightdubbing format.

Tiger & Woods – Gin Nation

Imagination – Music and Lights /// discogs

Imagination – Music and Lights (Nightdubbing Version) /// discogs