woolfy vs projections – absynth (permanent vacation, 2007)

here you have the perfect soundtrack for a visit around mars and other unknown desolate planets. maybe even ours. woolfy and projections created this gem in 2007. resting on a medium paced rhythm, it combines delicate synths a la jean michel jarre, heartbreaking guitar chords, a superb distortion effect reminiscent of the best border community output, and an overall moodiness enhanced by the brief lyrics used along the track. i tend to play out the other side, but this is my secret love on this truly essential piece of totally underrated black wax. it was released on permanent vacation, a solid german label with great artists on its rota.



***muzik mag – issue 1, june 1995*** / the mighty bop – freestyle linguistique (yellow productions, 1995)

i recently read a thread on djhistory regarding the nostalgia that swirls around good old physical media that covered the buoying and healthy dance music scene of the mid 1990s in the UK (and everywhere for that matter). some years ago for the purpose of finishing a M.A. thesis on techno music in the US, i purchased a good chunk of muzik and jockey slut mags from that era. I hoarded the first 34 issues of muzik and almost every jockey slut on ebay i came across.

now they are just shelved, but i read carefully the many single/album/compilation reviews and they are pure class. great journalistic writing that was both fun and educating to read.

both muzik and jockey slut are out of print and nowhere on the web to be found. since they are very hard to find i will be reproducing some of the best of pieces that shaped my taste in music almost twenty years ago.

if you are interested in anything that appeared in these two mags, and i have that particular issue,  contact me and will do my best to scan it/picture it for you.

freezone 2 (variations on a chill) is one of my favorite compilation of ambient/downtempo music. i am trying hard to avoid the terms ‘chill-out’ or ‘trip-hop’ that end up killing the genre itself. freezone was a gust of fresh air and a setting stone in the drug induced party fever of the mid 1990s. a compilation that you could well listen anywhere before or after the party. encompassing not only downtempo productions but also under the radar deep house and drum ‘n’ bass future classics.

it was full of unique tracks by unknown producers from around the world juxtaposed by others that were already earning its place on these underground magazines record  charts.

compiled by dj morpheus, every instalment in these series was highly anticipated and desired until it died a slow death with number seven. by then, the ideas were well exhausted and dance music was under the control of the mega clubs, and major record labels.

i include a little taster here courtesy of the mighty bop, the french mob arising from the seminal yellow productions label which brought us up  maestros like dimitri from paris, or at some point the ubiquitous (and annoying) bob sinclar. the mighty bop was always a slow french affair full of sensuality, superb samples and loads of electronic soul. all of it drenched with cinematic landscapes. good ole times.


va. freezone 2 – variations on a chill (crammed discs, 1995)

reviewed by Calvin Bush in Muzik (issue 1, june 1995)

placing ambient music under the microscope, freezone 2 uncovers a wider world of mutating microbes and chill-out chromosomes than anybody thought existed. fatheads who dimissed the very idea of ‘ambient’ confused sound with structure. it’s not about strung-out monotones and industrial drones. i mean, does anyone actually listen to all that isolationist stuff for pleasure?

no, the best home-listening tracks out there right now infuse the singular spirit of the ‘groove’ to truly move – ask ballistic brothers, solid doctor and nuron – and freezone 2 works because it’s one of the first compilations to recognise this. it even goes so far as to include the sublime deep house of abacus, spiritually divine jungle from ltj bukem and rupert, along with a top-heavy leaning on trip-hop and dope jazz-beat. there are also exclusive 4 hero and josh wink cuts. it’s a faultless selection and a perfect education, and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your sofa to receive it. top gear.


the mighty bop – freestyle linguistique (yellow productions, 1995)

unknown artist – get to my baby – tbd edit (golf channel, 2010)

generous… that is how i feel today. and willing to share the pleasure with others. so today you get this like so totally ace and awesome edit by tbd. on golf channel, already a classic. it is a superb edit of i guess an extraordinary song. the vocals exhale love all over the place, and tbd has brought us such love  soulful to modern dancefloors adding up a hint of acid and an incredibly skillful treatment of echoes and reverbs. goosebumps guaranteed!

here you go.

moodymann interview – best ever!

well well well… it was time to meet the heroes, the idols, the superstars… oh dreamers, it is such an ecstatic point in life when you finally can see them live in front of you, subdued to a bunch of deeply thought questions you have been formulating for months. it is that tete a tete, that moment that will be with you forever. I had the pleasure and the honour of interviewing this guy… moodymann when he was about to board a plane to who knows where. anyway… i got it here for you…very deep, very philosophical, very introspective, very moody.

Yo Moody, how is it that your music is full of meaning, substance, essence?  What message are you trying to convey to your audience?

— That’s a good question. Next one please.

You are making a good profit out of using samples from other musicians, gospel chants and priests tirades. How do you feel about it? Would you say your music is truly original?

— Whatever.

Are you against music piracy? Or do you believe people like me have the self-entitlement to offer other people’s music for free under the banner of promoting it?

— My music has a price you midget. I have to pay my bills and buy sound equipment regularly, and it ain’t come cheap so people like you should be put behind bars, prick.

I am not making a profit though, I am just helping others discover your aural gems… Don’t you agree?

— F**k off.

You sometimes make references to inequality and poverty injected by whites into the hoods of Detroit and the US in general… I sense some tension between you and the white man, don’t you think Obama has levelled things a bit?

— What an ignorant dude you seem to be. Waste of time. I’m out.

Tell us about your next release on your label Mobilee.

(No answer)

Can I have one of your vinyls you played?

— Get lost and do not dare to publish this shit. Shame on you.

Well, that’s that. I love Moodymann’s music and guess you do too… buy some of his music. You will not be disappointed and he will be able to pay his bills.

To show Moody that I am not a mutha f cker leecher, here is some link to his new 12″… The Juan Atkins remix is pretty rubbishy but the egyptian lover one is to die for!) Sometimes big fishes do not deliver. there you go.

noir desir – le vent nous portera – rubber room edit (mindless boogie, 2008)

one of the most solid record labels coming from belgium is mindless boogie. champions of the re-edit business since 2006, and under the umbrella of bigger, more mainstream label eskimo, headhonchos dirk de ruyck and tonic have offered the uninitiated (as myself) and entry point to those rare musical diamonds that otherwise would not have been unearthed to the new generations of music lovers.

le vent nous portera is a beautifully crafted edit by rubber room, an expert in the elegant retouch of excellent songs (check his work on kojak giant sounds). this edit melts sadness and melody in perfect communion. noir desir vocals go along the french chanson tradition and are touching to say the least.

perhaps one of the most played and enquired vinyls on mindless boogie to date. i would not say the best, but at least the most accessible. the story of french guy noir desir is a very sad one and will leave it to you to do some research if interested. enjoy this superb song and remember to support the artists/labels by purchasing something from them. mindless boogie’s catalog is vinyl only and you can find it on discogs. get yours while you can. downloads are for personal sampling use.