parlour 2 – sark powers (parlour, 2010)

well well well, here is this rare aural gem, difficult to get on wax anymore, here it is ripped for you at hifi quality. I was told this is not an original production, but a re-edit. the cowboys who retouched this one know their trade and have reproduced a beautifully crafted slo-mo disco number with a 1960s stroke of hippyish vocals . Great string arrangements and subtle drums make this track and essential in any discerning music collection… and hey! if you have done this gem or re-edited it, and feel I should not be promoting it on your behalf, you can always contact me. of course you can.

parlour hail from sweden i believe and have two 12″s… again, extremely difficult to get and both are superb musical works.


romanthony – the wanderer – dixon edit (philomena, 2009)

it is highly sought after and it has beautiful artwork. the dixon edit of classic romanthony’s ‘the wanderer’ with its prince-esque vocals is pure soulful house music. Dixon revises the track in a slightly darker mood, and gives you plenty of drum breaks for you to enjoy. The bassline on this vinyl requires a proper soundsystem, and the crescendo period would turn anybody loose. my only hesitation being the overly extended outro decomposing the rhythm. a bit redundant. other than that, this is timeless.

some will argue that this is nothing new since this track is just the juxtaposition of martin buttrich’s ‘hunted’,’ a real minimal techno gem by the way, and the original beatless version of  ‘the wanderer’. however, get downloading now or listen to it and you will see the impressive result.

extremely difficult to get. it is only on black wax and at extortionate prices. here you got it at hifi quality. check out volume 2 of this top german label.

manolo – lose myself (delusions of grandeur)

this came as a recommendation from a friend. a nice slow burner with some minimal techo references here and there. what makes this one a scorcher is the combination of soulful vocals and great funky guitar riffs. not to be missed. the wareika mix is worth a check also. here you have my favorite cut on this ep on delusions of grandeur. remember to support the artist by purchasing their work

the kojak chupa chups and the kojak giant sounds label

hailing from the icy lands of finland, come a real warmer for the approaching autumm season. that is the classy and superb edits of kojak giant sound singles. they label have grown silently and surely. the first vinyls were given to phonica in london, but now they have hit the extremely efficient warehouses of juno.

there are 5 highly sought after affairs to be grabbed. none is crap. all fillers. leftside wobble, growing in the shadows of soundcloud and a proven master editor, bring us the classics ‘don’t cost you nothing’ by ashford & sipmpson with the right amount of dubs and extensions. dropping the cheese only when necessary. the b side is a fine business too.

Neil Slim’s big macho voice that is given to us in ‘you can dance’ is properly manipulated to maximum effect by another maestro. in skillful manner mike burns tease us with the vocals and drum breaks converting this vinyl in a perfect tool of mass deception for those who do not dig the real deal that disco house has become. a brutal monster that will not leave any hip standing still.

another essential on this label is the Alphabet City edits release. this one is perhaps the most solid one. both sides are belters. and for lack of better words here i am coping and pasting what someone at phonica said about this glorious wax:

‘pair of absolutely killer edits from the  Giant Sounds Crew, who are news to us, but sure to be a new we’re more than familiar with on the strength of these cuts. ‘i’d like too’ is a heavy and massively dubbed out boogie cut, that eventually breaks out into some full on sweaty dancefloor moves after a long teasing intro. On the flip “Poyson” is again heavy on the dubbage, working a slow grinding disco number into a lights down low mega-pumper, before the hands in the air vocal breaks loose. serious deep down disco gear, don’t sleep’

so there you go. down in spain kojak is a popular brand of lollipops that pretty much destroyed your set of teeth. up in finland it is a very promising new label that is helping keep the reedit business back in the game.