va. stupid human vol. 2 (stupid human)

Stupid Human, who goes under the Mark Very Disco nickname on DjHistory, has released his second lesson on how to re-edit music in a respectful manner, adding substance to standout tracks.

The first vinyl, which hit the shops last year came and went quite silently but it was a hidden gem in many record bags and it is highly desired in the ‘Disco/Balearic’ quarters.
‘Together’ and ‘Swamp Funk’ had the same (or even more) caliber than The Revenge’s edits of Hot Chocolate’s ‘Cadillac’ or Whisper’s ‘Planet of Life’ retouch by 6th Borough Project and at least the same power to draw everybody either to the dancefloor or to the DJ booth to enquire about such 12″.

So here it is the second chapter on Human Stupidity. This time with a stronger 4/4 beat injected to it in ‘Ahh You’re Welcome’ includes a well employed sampler from ‘Those Norwegians’ timeless soulful hit ‘Dom B Sensi’ (a sample probably taken from somewhere else surely).
It could be placed along any L.E.S.S. Productions and would work its magic guaranteed.

‘Still Alive’ sounds like something taken from a spiritual singing. It is the equivalent of the fabulous ‘Mass Madness’ speech featured in the first vinyl. On the B side we have ‘Far Out Gipsy’ which comes plagued by dangerous harmonicas but turns out to be another stomper if you give it a chance, equalling the quality offered in ‘Together’ last year.
The last track, ‘A Straight Head’ is pure funky boogie with beautiful reverbs.

I do not know the original so I am blessed to discover it here. Will try to find out whose it is.

Bottom line… these are reworks made with passion, respect and a good amount of time invested. Thanks very much.

Stupid Human volume one is trading around for double digits… This one, if you are not careful, will be out of reach quite soon. Get it from the man himself here Stupid Human Online