Local heroes May68 may not sound familiar to many in the dance music circles however this band hailing from sweaty basements in Manchester is growing slowly but surely.

Having played in different renowned festivals around the UK such as Glastonbury, Creamfields and Parkfield demonstrate that they must be taken seriously.

They have been making some noise since early 2009 when this five-piece composed of Matt on the keys/percussion, Owen leading the bass, Jonny with the guitar and vocals accompanied by Jude and Camille who also rocks the drums, released their first single ‘My Ways’ – A full energy driven electro-cum-indie affair with great synth climaxes that took many by surprise.

For those uninitiated in the sound of May68 and those adept to the new shapes in the modern sound of disco music, my recommendation is to start with the superb improvement done to a mediocre track, ‘Extra Time Then Sudden Death’ made by a mediocre band ‘Hot Club De Paris’.

May68 on the remix duties fully transformed the original into a disco-rave underground hit that could be described as a crossbreed between ‘The Emperor Machine’ and the synth madness applied in many productions by 20:20 Vision’s ‘Spirit Catcher’. The keyboard riff and great climatic build-up plus the measured use of ‘indie’ vocals make this track an essential bomb to be dropped at peak-time on any discerning dancefloor. It makes you wonder why it is not yet released on gorgeous black wax.

Good news is that the Manchester band will be landing on your decks very soon. From Makin’ Music headquarters, we wish them the best of luck!

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