voyeurhythm ep 2

Hardly promoted, celebrated or spun around, this young Dutch label is all quality with surprisingly no fillers.

Every record has its B side, and on many occasions you are subjected to some weak musical effort. Not the case here.

Now with their second release, Voyeurhythm Holland prove to be up to date with the so-called beatdown house sounds that has taken us by surprise this year. Some serious boogie vibes on the A side which is the one that will keep you wondering why these records do not surface that often.

Their first release sold out fast. Get this one while you can!


this is not an exit (tinae records)

This Is Not An Exit (TINAE) is a relatively young record label that has been releasing extraordinary 12″s since 2006. It has succintly become a reference name among laidback cosmic disco music listeners, djs and fans.

To date TINAE has given us 21 slabs of glorious wax, all filled with surprising acts that have become synonyms of quality music. It was probably the epic, trippy, delicate and mellow ‘White Diamond’ by Bay Area cosmic rep Hatchback, who a year later released the critically acclaimed ‘Colors of the Sun’ on LO Recordings (One of the records of the year back in ’08 by many record shops, e-zines and of course, here at cosmicdisco), which set TINAE as a label to keep in mind.

Regular acts with unusual long names like They Came From the Stars I Saw Them and long album titles as ‘We Are All In the Gutter But Some Of Us Are Looking At They Came From the Stars I Saw Them‘ are difficult to pigeonhole. They have been filling the vaults of TINAE with a melange of psychedelic, cosmic indie and even folky gems like ‘Moon Song’ with a distinctly feel-good vibe. Most of the tracks seemed to have been given carte blanche to experiment with assorted number of music genres in order to provide the listener with something special, disconcerting and distinct. Check the energetic ‘It’s Time’ or the acidic ‘Monkey Typewriter’ to see how easily they dodge categorization. Sometimes mixing too many styles can prove detrimental, but in their case the outcome is sublime.

Other signings to TINAE include Detachment, with a more indie sound but still cosmic enough for us. Check ‘Fear, No Fear’ and the Naum Gabo remix treatment, both essential. Spectral Empire provides mellower, slo-mo and sometimes eerie soundscapes. ‘Black Shark’, ‘KM-50′ or the synth driven remix by French maestros Chateau Flight are vital additions to your record collection.

The list of remixers that TINAE has endorsed is a sign of the quality on offer here: Emperor Machine, Brennan Green, Capracara (DFA), Serge Santiago, King of Town, Optimo, Prins Thomas or Chateau Flight have all collaborated to shape TINAE into a crucial label to watch.

Next up (Due for release on 5th October) the first ep from Italian project Club Silencio for TINAE will be hitting the shops. ‘Felix’ is a number of dubby cosmic funkiness, the Fratelli edit of ‘Objectif Venus’ carries a Mark E stamp on it with its sluggish atmospheric house feel, and for a dancefloor oriented punch, an uplifting remix by Sankt Goran (Bear Funk) is also on offer here. An overall exciting release that will enlarge the ranks of TINAE and will demonstrate that contrary to its name, This Is Not An Exit, is no American Psycho soundtrack, but a desired escape to boundary free cosmic environments.